Legendary Drop at level 47?

I just dropped a legendary item (level 50 item) with my Hardcore character which is at level 47. Since I always know/read around forums and stuff that Legendary Items drop at level 50, I was kinda surprised… Then I noticed that in the Hunt for Loot section of the Official Game Guide, it is stated that LI start dropping “around level 50”, so I was wondering:

is there a table or something with explicit % chance of Legendary drop related to player level?
Also, has Hardcore mode a higher chance of drop compared to normal mode?

Thank you guys

Most likely BOC enemies who are 50+

Drop depends on enemy level, not yours :wink: so while in many areas enemies outlevel you (especially heroes and bosses) it’s totally possible to find a legendary at lvl 47. as far as i know, hardcore mode doesn’t impact loot. difficulty level impact legendaries drop chance, though, so if you drop it in norml/veteran tou’ve been quite lucky :smiley:

Oh I see, thank you, I didn’t know it was enemy’s level based, I think it should be more openly stated on the official game guide! And yes, I was in veteran, so lucky me :smiley:

Well, thank you, doubt cleared :slight_smile:

I’ve had a drop at level ~43 before. It happens but rarely.