Legendary farming.

Hello everyone,
I have been searching and searching for hours but could not find anything about drop calculators.
For example If I want a particular weapon, do I need to go kill the same boss over and over or any boss can drop any item?
If so, what are the best bosses to kill for gearing up and where can I find them? Any rout in particular to repeat?
Thanks all for your time.

With a few exceptions being the rogue dungeon boss exclusives, any Legendary can drop from any Monster. It’s also known that the “list” of Legendaries dropped refreshes when every session starts so your best way to avoid duplicates is to play in a single game for long amounts of time.

For a comprehensive list of loot tables, Ceno has created a resource.

I actually did not know that. I am now tempted to keep Grim Dawn running 24/7, forever. XD

That’s what I’ve read on the forums here somewhere, though i don’t remember where and can’t find a source either. Could be i’m wrong :undecided:.

Edit: Soon as I doubt myself. I find it immediately :rolleyes:. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=51418.

Ah, explains why i never get duplicate legendaries in each gaming session.

That was very informative , thanks.

This maybe true of legendaries but I’d question that theory based on my observations of epic drop rates. Almost every night when I set out for a disappointing hunt for missin blueprints I find in the same game at least two exalted dreadknot footpads. That item is by far the most dropped item in the game where once you have most blueprints you can go forever not seeing one. For me starfury emerald and spellbreaker waist guard will never drop.

I have visions of a world full of people with white sticks setting their guide dogs on each other.

My stash manager has just over 200 items from the Unseeing Eye set, but, you are right they must also wear those boots because I have 70 pairs of Empowered Dreadnought Footpads as well.