Legendary Torso and Helm feedback

Great is unfortunately relative. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fateweaver was great but it’s fallen out of style since, unless someone shows me a modernized build that picks it and wouldn’t rather do something else.
I agree with you, but now it feels more like a placeholder. That’s why all I’m asking for is a 4th skill, replace stormcaller, and replace the %spirit with %DA (or spare the %spirit and give it a little DA anyway).

Because they interefere with sets, they need to be strong enough to make people consider breaking them, along with the shoulders and whatnot.

'Severed Faith is fine, I just wanted to make a comment that the arcanist on it sees no use. I rather the +4 Conversion be AAR or Disintegration. And Maybe I’ll try to make fire AAR with it.

Yeah, no way PB Yugol will compete with demonslayer. So scratching my head on that one.

Concerning Dread Armor of Azragor, I might have found an idea…
It would also require some slight buff to another existing item, but since I have not seen anyone use it, that would be like killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Support Blade Arc with +2 to +3 (can be exchange with the menhir’s will skill points).

ADD to https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7706 Howl of the wendigo “-XX% vitality RR to Blade Arc”
and maybe also add “6% to 10% of retaliation damage to Blade Arc”, depending on if it’s balanced or not (the retaliation part).


That would work but I don’t think it’d work in the way Zantai would like. Also the value would have to be smaller because you can double up on the weapon, though I suppose shield is important to get enough retaliation.

Well either way the problem is: Yes that would work, but it wouldn’t actually be vitality blade arc. You’d take Azragor ane howl of the wendigo and then just fill the rest of your items with retaliation gear. With retaliation to attack you barely need skill point investment in the skill. It’s all about the retaliation.

So basically I think it’d constrict Howl of the Wendigo in a way Z doesn’t tend to do. It would certainly make that weapon and another 1 hand variant good lol. You wouldn’t even need the RR on blade arc. I dunno.

Then let’s drop the idea about the retaliation.

But About the vitality RR and support to Dread armor, do you believe it would be a decent idea?
Quite frankly that would give this armor at least 2 uses :

-Retaliation (from it’s base stats, for retal builds)
-Support to Vitality Blade Arc (with the already existing items).

I am very skeptical:

  1. Vitality dmg melee builds have already known to be on the weaker side of melee, squishy.
  2. Look at how hard spellscourge and Targo set are trying to make 1 hander blade arc work, it’s hard to make the skill good for 1 handed player.

I don’t even know if there’s enough item support in other slots for it.
Basically these two factors compiled together, I’m not sure it would even function as a build. Blade Arc might not be the way to go. I’d argue vitality cadence or even forcewave would have a better chance. Lack of itemization in other slots though, always a problem for converted to skill mods lol.

edit tho at the end of the day if Z wants it to work it will work.

Has it? It feels like most Arcanist builds without a set piece on that slot (e.g. PRM) would be happy to pick it. The physical resistance alone…

As for other bonuses, I’d avoid Censure (which already has plenty of support) and look towards less fortunate masteries. Maybe something for Occultist?

@Pareto I had written a bunch of stuff based on my PRM builds, because I was aware a couple used it. But only one that had came to mind when I made this thread was aether PRM which is the weakest.

But you’re right! Invoker set PRM builds are happy to use it! I will edit the OP, thanks for making think of this. When I make these threads I do it publicly on purpose. I’m just one guy trying to consolidate my experiences and testing with the feedback of all my friends and other community members I probe regularly etc.

Not only can I mis-remember or miss something, sometimes the whole community isn’t aware something’s good because nobody has publicy tried yet. Example: Item that was good but nobody experimented enough to find its strengths gets buffed. Buff gets the item attention. Someone finally figures out how to use it in a build with some optimization and it is overtuned. Item buff gets reverted :D.

^this is okay, the purpose of this thread is just to bring attention to the gear I don’t see much of or have found to be bad myself, or could just use sideways improvements… and anything that goes wrong can be corrected pretty quickly.

Updating OP

Fateweaver is pretty great chest piece. I do agree that skill bonuses on it feel very random except Elemental Balance.
Not sure what kind of builds use this chest and utilize Flashbang (Sorcerers usually have this slot occupied by Infernal Knight/Ulzuin/Justicar/Pyran), Elementalists would rather use Justicar gloves + chest or Ulzuin chest + amulet combination. Stormcaller’s pact bonus is completely useless too.
I guess adding Inquisitor’s skill bonuses would make this item too OP, so I would recommend making it an Arcanist special, so maybe just some bonuses to other Arcanist passives (given upcoming Arcanist buffs).
Also, Spirit buff is actually good, I would recommend increasing it a bit to make it more meaningful or making it 60-80 flat Spirit.

Arcane will. For reasons I can’t disclose I’d like some Arcane will on this thing please please please. Arcane will and a little DA and this thing will be great for one niche build. If we can have a fourth skill I dunno.

My opinion: some DA will make this item too much. It’s already super strong, just a bit niche.

I’ll take Arcane Will man. A buff to mark of Ulzuin instead of here would serve same purpose and make more sense :wink:

I will take Arcane Will as well. And maybe Fabric of Reality, it would be thematic since chest is for Aether too. So Elemental Balance/Arcane Will/Fabric of Reality + some more spirit sounds perfect to me. But add DA and chest becomes too much.

Adding the following to the Opening post:

Stormweave Armor (Worse than set torsos without their bonuses!)
TLDR: Skill bonuses are bad because no trozan player will ever use this over their set. The stats can be considered worse than venomblade’s torso not even factoring in set bonuses. The item proc is literally just an ok lightning bolt. Item can be a lot more generous for a non set piece.

Korovan’s Chestguard (Outclassed, displaced, undertuned)
TLDR: Piercing PB builds take SR set over this. Even if you consider this a placeholder until then, it could be more generous for a non set chest item. You could bump the weapon dmg on the proc, bump the numbers on the resists a bit, bump the DA and increase the numbers on those +skills. Maybe add a 4th +skill. That ought to make this enticing to experiment with pierce PB tactician.

Gildor’s Guard (underrated tank item with tiny issues)
TLDR;Please replace the bonus to fighting form with Menhir’s Bulwark. MB could use the support and nobody has ever taken this item with fighting form.

If you have the energy to spare and think about the rest of the item: Blade barrier sucks so replacing it with Pneumatic Burst or at least increasing it to +4 would be nice I guess.

Word of Renewal can be +3, people only really seeing solid use of this item on retaliation warlord.

Fiendscale Jacket (underrated tank item with tiny issues)
TLDR; bloody pox item… need I say more?

The proc sorely needs a debuff effect, one that doesn’t compete with BP would be best. Some DA would be lovely, or just be a bit more generous with the health I guess.

The +skills can really really really be higher here. +2->3 at least. I like that it has two occultist skills, maybe double down and give it two shaman skills instead of one?

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Probably because there is no real retaliation set that has chest piece, for physical damage.

Adding the following helms to the OP:

Voice of Dreeg (Not a single forum build and only 2 forum posts even mention it)
TLDR: This item is just competing with so many better (set) items for these skills. Flat acid dmg wasted since it’s a caster helm. Honestly Z maybe rework for something crazy even if it doesn’t work. Like Acid Cadence, Acid blade-arc, Acid Savagery, etc. Maybe Acid righteous fervor. Too tired to think deeply about it but this item has no identity that isn’t better elsewhere.

Ravager’s Deathgaze (health edition) (Outcompeted by the other 2)
TLDR; I think you either crank the health up to 10%, or you replace it with total speed.

Okaloth’s Visage (Cool new item, RF side is good, reset could use some tinkering)
TLDR;Go retal to attack on fire strike please. Not those lame mods.

RTA sigil hasn’t seen use on it either. Maybe it’s too new and the community is just smaller now. Maybe the gear support just isn’t there. I wouldn’t be afraid to just put +1 demolitionist on this thing and nix the RTA sigil all together. Otherwise you could try bumping the %RTA on sigil up and entice people.

One must note that righteous fervor lets you hit many times a second while sigil relies on its tic rate. You might argue that sigil also has AoE but against priority targets you need big dmg numbers.

Wyrmbone Mask (It’s not as far off as people think)
TLDR; Please add chaos resist… and phys resist. Also +1 Inquisitor or soldier would go a long way.
The following link shows that the item isn’t too far off for tactician’s sake.

Interestingly, despite the electrocute it’s still used in spam forcewave. If the above buffs seem too much, the electrocute given to horn of gandarr can be higher. I’m not sure about the stun jacks thing panning out.

Soulare’s Helm (weird class combos, weakest EoR build)
TLDR; All I know for sure is that this helm craves pierce/chaos/acid resist. Picking any of these would help. It also needs attack speed without a doubt for Eye of Reckoning.

Maybe SOULblade should support aether eye of reckoning… cuz dark souls, soulare helm…

Right now people are using it as a templar lol: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BzDdJ2
Don’t know if anyone else has feedback for this.

Mask of Infernal Truth (Craves OA)
TLDR; Even retaliation builds need OA, can swap it for the flat dmg which retal builds don’t need. The +2 Grenado can be +2 shattering blast would be better. And it would happily give up that 8% dodge for another resist.

Dawnshard Gaze (Just give it a small buff to see if people experiment with it?)
TLDR; If it was good the russians would probably have built something with it already.

Aegis of Menhir can afford more RTA from this item because without sets Aegis is not going to get spammy. Rune of Kalastor can get more than +1 projectile. Otherwise I can’t make heads or tails of this item so I’ll bite my tongue.

Whisperer of Secrets (needs feedback after a certain competing bleed set gets nerfed but this item probably sucks)
TLDR; it’s a one-trick pony non set helm for blade-arc of all things. It’s got tough competition and probably needs to have a second bleeding dynamic that doesn’t compete with a set just so it can have its own identity.

Maw of Despair (add necro skill mod, siphon souls or fire/aether RE?)
TLDR; I just have a hunch that a necro skill mod to go with a certain set would fit into the next patch well.

If you could turn back the agrivix nerf a bit that’d be great. Either way the variants using this helm could use a bump up. Also if you could make the battlemage side of this set, aka the soldier side, better that would be amazing because battlemages need all the help they can get still.

Dread-Mask of Gurgoth** (decent item, but could be more fun)
TLDR;It would be nice to see the stormbox side of this item dropped completely and double down on lightning mortars and totems.

The % dmg is abnormally low too. It’s the weaker of the two mortar builds by a decent amount and so adding lightning dmg to the mortars and dropping the stormbox line to give mortar and totem more support would make it even more of its own build definer.

Horns of Korvaak (Sad)
So far the only thing someone’s made with it is a meh DoT deceiver. Super sad for being the final boss legendary. The proc is cool I just wish this helm was more special.

Crown of the Revenant King (needs community feedback)
TLDR; Vit smite, needs feedback. Anyone?

Venomancer’s guile (check after 1.1.4 changes)
TLDR; maybe with bloody pox acid set change and amarastan crusher this will see use.

Eldritch Gaze (needs community feedback)
I’ve seen builds use this weirdly but NEVER for chaos blade arc. I think Chaos Blade Arc utterly flopped and the effort it’d take to make it good is not worth it. Vitality blade arc might have a better chance though!
Needs feedback after previous changes

Covenant of the Three (Doom bolt is still meh to main, needs community feedback)
TLDR; bis for a certain doom bolt build, but doom bolt as your main ability is still lacking. I don’t know if doom bolt ultimate ranks need more love or just its itemization.
Needs more feedback.
Follow this build: [] [HC] Vitality Doom Bolt Sentinel [vids]

Abyssal Mask (bloody pox tier, more likely to be used for 1 point RR)
TLDR; It’s a bloody pox item… poor bloody pox

  • Soulare, that’s used in DW aether melee Reaper, but could use some boost.

  • Maw of despair, try to build CT burn build, but was unpleasantly surprised by aether conversion. So it’s strictly aether it’s and aether is in bad spot. So please remove conversion and add damage bonus, so it can be usable in different combos.

  • Ravager helms, I used personally only the one with AdctH

  • Gaze of Empyrion, maybe boost, like -10% RR on AoC will worth it, but isn’t that bad.

  • Okaloth, that’s currently limited to RF build having some retaliation damage.

  • Wyrmborne, that’s niche item. Needs more bonuses to support otherwise weak build

  • Other helmets, I haven’t use them, because they are either bad on didn’t fit in any of my builds. Acid Cadence support is welcomed, btw.

I too would welcome acid cadence. And it would support the meme of the game having cadence in every flavor.

There was one, but it’s outdated, this was before the recent buffs to BA, I believe: []The Eldritch Arc Witchblade

Been working on an updated version myself during playtesting (MI pants probably unnecessary, Barbaros should work): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrDM112
I don’t run Crucible, would need a better pilot to test it there. Gotten as far as SR40 so far without issue though, still need to test further there, but I tend to get sidetracked testing other things when it comes to endgame builds. Also, made it before the change to Abominable Might, that might be worth looking at. Feel free to ask on Discord, can send you the save if you want to test it further.

Is an amazing helmet actually. I have used it in my fire EoR Paladin build. Synergy with Conduit that adds duration to Ascension is pretty great. People just don’t know how to use that helm really.

Out of all the helms on my list I knew that it would get the most push back. I guess I just want the auradin aspect of it to be stronger and I over sold my case. I’ll tweak the OP

Edit: eh I just removed it from the list. High radius on reduce enemy DMG is pretty amazing and makes kiting safer.

I’d really appreciate more input on helms lower down on the list.