Let us disable the visual effects of auras and toggled skills

Maiven’s Sphere of Protection has trapped my character in a translucent hamster ball through which I can barely see their equipment. The model’s scalp also pokes through the top of the sphere during the character’s running animation.

I think Grim Dawn would benefit from an option to selectively disable toggled visuals and auras, or to tone them down a notch, make them minimalist. I think skills like Maiven’s Sphere look good for a duration, but not an entire playthrough. Auras stacked on auras can appear ridiculous as well, especially with minions. Please let us escape our foggy bubbles.

I’m searching for a workaround to disable Maiven’s animation. It is excessive and in your face, and makes me lose interest in playing.

grim dawn installation directory/resources/fx.dbr >> rename to anything else

all fx that exist in the game are now gone. That is your workaround unless you are willing to use mods

This is too extreme a solution for me, but well, I asked for a workaround and I got one. Thanks. Insofar as I know mods don’t work with Steam saves so, in my case, that is not an option.

Turning off Post Processing does reduce the effect a lot. Especially when a lot of spells are cast. Rather than turning your combat zone into a pure white ball of chaos, you can see everything pretty clear.

Disabling post processing is inconsequential on my rig. The model is still opaque while the general visuals lose saturation.

It is a bizarre decision to add an Illusionist (one of my motivations for buying the expansion) then to invalidate her by making your character a ball, because I certainly can’t see my equipment all that well. I will have to opt for another build.

Putting particles on “low” helps, medium is far too bright in GD which results in you not being able to see anything in pools of poison, etc.

This is something, that I have always hoped for Grim dawn. I hope we get option to disable visual effects of auras in the future.

I’m having a similar issue with Seal of Blades. It’s making me dizzy…