Let's talk about crafting...

…Haunted Steel.

Well, let’s specifically discuss Haunted Steel, itself.

My God(s), is this the dumbest little thing to craft.

Its requirements are huge:

4 Vengeful Wrath (AKA 12 Ectoplasms + 4 Seals*) + 12 more Seals

That’s huge, and extremely arduous for something that is a requisite of SO MANY higher end recipes, as well as being a highly valuable component in and of itself - one of the main ones, actually, when all is said and done.

Can we please have a bit easier time of coming by it?

…it wears on the fun factor of the game, heavily, to me.

*nobody cares about Chilled Steel, so yeah.

Actually I get rid of few Legendary items to save Haunted Steel. So I agree with you.

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And then you have hundreds of majority of other crafting components filling your bags since they arent part of any decent recipes…

Oleron’s Blood also says hi. :smiley:

Honestly the easiest way to make this less of a nightmare would be to let us craft ectoplasm. Holy gods is that shit miserable to farm! I’ve gone entire SoT full clears without seeing more than 1 partial drop. It’s asinine that a single player game has a crafting material so damned rare. I get more blood of cthon than I do ectoplasm by an order of magnitude.

It is quite charming that we need Ectoplasm in order to craft the key needed to access the latter half of the major dungeon wherein we might actually find… pieces of Ectoplasm.

Honestly, Arkovian Undercity is far better due to being reasonably near a WP.

Why can’t skeletons drop Ectoplasm and VW, again?

What animates them with A.I. sentience equal to ghost A.I. sentience, again?

Oleron’s Blood is needed in tons of higher level crafting? :rolleyes:

Plunderer’s Talisman
Shard of Beronath
Empowered Essence of Beronath
Bloodrager’s Cowl
Cowl of the Blind Assassin
Reforged Chains of Oleron

and worst of all…Badge of Mastery

I sell legendaries for chipped claws :eek:

i totally agree with oleron’s blood and chipped claw, haunted steel is less a problem for me now. i’d love that the devs introduce a system for shell/spike/claw like they did for fire/cold/lightning low level comps. so with an aether crystal, an emerald and a spike you get a claw, same with a shell get you a spike…

and Severed Claw drop rate should be raised too, it is abyssmaly low even in Ultimate. i’ve been a little luckier with vengeful Wraith so far but that could be raised too.

Why not introduce a bazaar like NPC - for example you can trade on a greatly unfavourable rate something from which you have excess and get something you need - like 3 Ancient Plates for 1 Vengeful wrath - you get the idea.

This will solve all crafting components issues as everything you collect will have a use (similar with the Hearts/blood/brain conversion we have with the Undead smith in Necropolis).


I was away, grinding Ectoplasms to make not Oleron’s Blood to get a Malediction and a Basilisk’s Claw + its BiS component. :cool: