Let's talk about Mogdrogen!

Yesterday I was curious if my tank Warder beats him, so I tried and almost died. Then realized this character had only 6% overcapped lightning resistance, so I took my ring with +76% elemental resist and tried to fight him again, unfortunately, I could not do that. What’s funny is, I could facetank Ravager and use only two skills (aside of Cadence) and beat him. My DK, which was back then kind of squishy and I had to avoid most of nemesis monsters, managed to beat that guy with only 40% overcap and lost at max 80% HP at once. My warder has 28k HP, 107% overcapped lightning resistance, 4200 armor without any temporary or proc buffs. And I am just confused. I know he reduces elemental resists by 80 for 5 seconds, but then I still have 80% resistance and 27 over cap. His pets don’t really hurt me.

Moreover, my DK beat Mogdrogen in Ultimate and my Warder can’t achieve that in Elite. After some calculations, he can deal approximately 3987 damage, with all of his skills. And also, his pets don’t reduce resistances.

I also don’t think that the fact my character is level 96 has such a big impact on that fight. I am just curious, what do you think? I like that Mogdrogen is so powerful, I really do, but how do I lose so much HP practically at once. 12k HP with one skill, 8k with another one. I just don’t know what now. :stuck_out_tongue: But hey, at least I found something challenging!

I think I should try with some life steal.

use that TSS amulet. You can get your lightning res up to 95% overcapped

His adds do a shit ton of phys dmg. His mele attacks also if you are melee, but not like ravager

Told ya warder tankyness is deceiving. DK has stuff like mark of torment. Ofc it’s better

I wasn’t using Mark of Torment on my DK because I thought this skill is bad. :stuck_out_tongue:
I wouldn’t say it’s deceiving. My warder has no ADCTH, therefore it went bad. Now I could not manage his under 50% HP stance, with only 6% ADCTH. I think I can try with the TSS. Still, I am a noob if we talk about Mogdrogen because I’ve fought him literally only once. This is my second time.

Also, my Warder is super tanky while my DK had no defense and like no armor (2k, lol).

I can’t find any amulet that could fit the “TSS”, so idk what you mean by that.

He doesn’t do any crits to me. I have stable 3.2k DA + buffs. Oh and I have slightly overcapped stun resistance (about 17% or something, + overguard).

I wasn’t using Mark of Torment on my DK because I thought this skill is bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh the skill is awesome:D

When Necro was new I thought the skill was pretty mediocre because Queen managed to shred through it using her aura

Eventually the skill grew on me

I killed him on my DW-pierce infiltrator. It’s easy once you figure it out.

  • Raise your maximum lightning resist by 8 or better by 11 (Ultos Gem + Mark of Divinity or some other medal with max elemental resist increase)
  • Get your flat DA to about 3250 or more so he can’t crit you
  • Have some ADTCH (or Feral Hunger)
  • Have at least 60 stun resist (but it’s better to cap it)
  • At least 80% lightning resist overcap, it goes without saying.

And Mark of Torment is a nutty skill, especially if you have some CDR.

Literally the same with me. I maxed it vs. Mad Queen and she killed me as fast as before (not really, lol) and I was like “oh wow this skill does nothing…” and removed it. After a while I was like “well, let’s just add it, one point, maybe it won’t hurt”. And I managed to easily kill Valdaran with it and I was like “uh, I have no lightning resist and I can do that, this skill is good”.

I was thinking about doing that, but then I kind of lose too much power of the build I have. I tried to do something else, change some skills etc, but no matter how I try I always see flaws in it. Guess increasing the cap is the only way to go. DA, lightning resistance and stun resistance is not a problem for my character.

I sometimes forgot to use it and I was still fine. I have 17 overcap without it. About ADCTH, it’s easier to get more of it than to get more damage. Mogdrogen’s summons have massive health (~733k, ~400k and ~733k) therefore the more AoE and ADCTH you have the better. These are normal monsters, no life leech reductions etc.