Let's talk about the poop items - for REAL! New set idea

Cauldron of Excitement,
Fewmets of the Questing Beast,
Mythical Soiled Trousers,
Fewmet Grips.

On my Santa Claus letter this year written wish is so that this game finally gets the fart-feces epic set(including set completion bonuses), and to actually make it playable. Please make poison retal useful, so that the build using the set can do SR ~90 or +, do Calla, do Ravager, do Crucible and whatnot in reasonable balanced borders(not underperforming like it currently does). It’s useless af in the current state.
Soiled Trousers is the only useful item, the remaining ones - nobody even bothers with(Imo).
These items deserve more love, usefullness and buffs, to actually be used, not just to be looked at - Let’s be honest here: if you never dreamt of literally & non-ironically shitting over the game content, then you’re just lying to yourself. Obviously we all thought of that, but why do it the normal way, if the literal way is even funnier, and the previous one already does feel outdated.
You think it’s funny to read about farts & shits?
You know what’s funnier? To actually fart & shit on the content - Exactly.
Make the “wet”(monkaS) dream come true. This topic is made in order to discuss suggestions of possible ways on how to make actual & non-ironic shitting on the content a realistic scenario with this idea for a new set of already existing epic items. Let us know your ideas. I might add my own as well laterz.

PS: As reference I made this one using 3/4 pieces months ago, but it truly is really bad build. I thought might be useful as a pointer indicator for buff-ideas or whatever. Sucks for not having the Fewmets of the Questing Beast though.


I don’t mind it being the best set in the game.

Everyone has some fetish.

I bother, I think these are good items.

I used Fewmets of the Questing Beast in a beginner build.
Maybe you could even find some endgame build where it would fit very well.
1 All skills, a great amount of Health (can be +2.4K for example) and those other things seem useful.

Fewmet Grips I even used once in an endgame build. Has %All damage.
Can very good if you’re build scales of CS, really needs those Acid and Vitality res
which it has a ton of and you don’t want to bother with crafting.

The other two I haven’t used yet.


Indeed, I’ve also used the Fewmet Grips in some acid build theorycrafts. They are a quite decent generalist option - the health and OA-reducing proc can also be nice in addition to what tqFan said.

Pretty sure I’ve seen some builds use the other items, too. Not many, but they’re there.

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Honestly the biggest hit against soiled trousers is the confuse retaliation combined with a small aoe. This causes mobs to run around and works against stacking the effect up for more damage.
Remove that stat, give it another meter or two of radius, and maybe another 1% of rta, and I bet it would work nicely


The confusion IS funny at least. I know I would be confused, to put it mildly, if someone threw that at me from their pants. :crazy_face:

Perhaps, DA shred instead? Like how the Fewmet Grips have OA shred. Might as well go the whole hog on shite-themed debuffs. After all, theoretically it’s easier to hit someone when they’re busy cleaning the mess off themselves.


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