Lets talk about the skill blade barrier

In it’s current state, I believe it’s one of the worst defensive skills in the game. You want to know why I think such a thought? Mobility. It requires you to force yourself to stand completely still for the duration of the effect. when compared to other defensive skills, like mirror from arcanist. unless you are already very tanky to begin with, why on earth would you want to purposely take a skill that roots you in place for the duration of the effect. I suggest you to be able to use it while moving at the cost of hp regen.

I like it because it allows me to deal a little bit smally tiny touchy of damage and protect me from death when my potion is close to going off cool down.

It’d be actually interesting if it didn’t grant the HP regen and didn’t root you, but disallowed you to attack and slow your movement speed by a little (about 20%?). You’d be unable to fight, but would still manage to run away like a coward you are… I mean but you’d be still able to run away if you really needed. :slight_smile:

While it does root you in place, the ability gives just enough time for your SS to recharge, so you can just teleport right on out of there as soon as its over. Heals are always nice too.

It would undoubtedly be a better skill if it was more like Mirror (unless you’re running a pierce retaliation build, which…well, I’m sure somebody probably has), but making them almost the same would just be a little boring (and maybe a bit too much of a buff for Spellbreakers?).

I’ve given some feedback on it as well. Imo it needs CD a bit lower and maybe a nice effect that stays with you after using it not just the regen.

Using it on the move won’t happen, spellbreakers would be too strong

It’s fine at 12/12 really cause it just fill your hp up to full iirc (haven’t used 12/12 bb since vanilla). But since nightblades often have more skills to put their points at, it’s ignored and 1/12 is quite bad for it. We also have the reaper problem where it stacks savagery while you’re just sitting there.

I think it would be nice if it had a little knockback effect at its completion to at least create a little opportunity to move away. Not everyone has SS…

If you’re nightblade and has no SS then you’re already playing a suboptimal build :stuck_out_tongue: that’s the tradeoff for using ranged nightblade lol, but anyways this won’t br applicable next patch in FG cause everyone will have mobility skills by that time regardless if you’re melee or ranged.

Ha, I’d totally forgotten about ranged builds even existing, which is weird since I mostly play ranged builds… :eek:

But yeah, FG will fix that problem too at least. Hurrah for mobility. :slight_smile:

I think BB is fine. As it was already mentioned, with the release of Forgotten Gods, the problems some people have with it will be negated with the additional movement skills.

shadow striking your way out sounds nice in theory but doesn’t always work when you are seriously clinged in a mob. Teleport would solve that problem.

I’d like it to have a shorter cooldown, shorter duration and heal you faster with skill points invested.

So it’s a timing based skill you use to dodge telegraphed attacks.

For me it’s the worst because it’s clunky to use, compared to mirror where it works pretty much the second you press the button.
That’s why I rather play with a build that goes with other layers of defence.

This skill killed a lot of mine nightblades. =)

I dare say BB is just right as it is. With a mirror or MoT nightblade would be seriously overpowered.

Truth be told, between pots and aether clusters I hardly ever use it on my blademaster. I got both SB and blitz to GTFO when swarmed. Once you learn not to spam those mobilty skills, always being able to get out and pump up some health from adcth on a mob fringe is a better option then BB and allow the whole wave to surround you.

I usually use it when trapped/da-shredded by Benn when I know I cant take a punch. Or in one on one or one on two situations when Im getting overpowered and desperately need that next potion. I think it would also be great against Shar’s projectiles. And that’s it. It’s not meant to be a universal circuit breaker like the mirror.