Level editor Issues

Can you tell me if is possible to disable Day/Night cirkle ?
I need only one specific daytime in my map :smiley:

Do you know how to make few map in one game ?
Dungeons,cellars, tombs …
I don know how to connect two maps with doors( mine entrace)

Hey, for Day Night cycle.

  1. Click the 12th icon button from the left on the bar. (Sector paint tool)
  2. On the right, choose Day/Night Cycle Layer.
  3. Create a new one and press open editor.
  4. Mess with the sun and moon objects until satisfied. (For always night, I’ve deleted everything else and left just the moon.
  5. Paint your map with the layer where you want this to apply.

For entrances.

  1. Object tool. (First button)
  2. records/level art/undergrounds/doorobjects/
  3. Choose one that fits and set it.
  4. Do this for the second door. (where the first one will take you after entering)
  5. Link tool (2nd button)
  6. Make a new group with Group Property: Dungeon Entrances.
  7. Choose both entrances.

Hopefully this should work.

Thank You …
But how to connect another map with door??

Btw is there some videotutorials ?

No videos but a script: