Leveling a Retaliation Build

As the topic suggests, I’m interested in trying out a retaliation build. Is it ‘viable’ to strictly level as one as SSF, or is this a playstyle where you need to accumulate item wealth first and convert over from a leveling build? Suggestions on the best class combo to pick up?


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Following this as I have the same question.

i personally do not recommend leveling as retaliation unless you can twink
it’s probably the most stat depending dmg approach while leveling, and retal gear isn’t exactly handed out like tictacs

my recommendation is having Perdition Set at minimum, multiple lvl version of it(starts at lvl 40, next is 65 and so on), combining it with Vilescorn is preferable,
which class you level as retal imo doesn’t really matter if the focus is retal, as it’s the “twink” gear that matters more
Warlord, Witchblade, Sentinel etc are all perfectly fine at it,
but it’s a slow and “boring”/low dmg outcome leveling affair if you don’t get decent retal gear by your mid 40s-50s, and you’ll be utilizing your other skills way more than actual retal & rata, which means you could just have leveled as non-retal using those skills anyway


Well, I was stupid enough to try to level retal Warlord from zero. It was probably the most miserable leveling experience I had. I believe I shitched to BA or FW somewhere in Malmouth on Veteran.

So the best advice I can give is that you simply don’t level as retaliation. And what Gnomish_Inquisition said.


Thanks! \char

Nah I just did one, will do a journal post about it when I get the time.

Manage to clear SR 65 ultimate in about 28 h, starting from scratch, SSF except the usage of a waystone to start SR at 65 right from the get go :wink:

@XandeRoot veteran, yes might suck, but if you are interested in speed, you wanna get to elite and ultimate asap.

As long as you focus on bosses and completing quests, you will earn experience in a good rate. Also warlord have two movement skills so you can transverse map quick.

I basically rushed for counter strike and menhir bulwark and devotions targo. Before I had the skill points for that, I just use blitz 1 point spent. But as I said, I will post my journal at some point when I get the time :wink: I was suprised about how fast it was.

Sure you can do it faster but compared to my other ssf chars it was no difference. I do most quests etc to get reputation (have no mandates).

Sure some will that i cheated and did not play retal from level 1… but instead had to wait to level 20ish. Then you play a ssf lightning caster shaman from level 1 and tell me how you did it.

Edit: I have DM’ed a draft of my build journal to @Phosphonothioic and @Foehammer


savagery is “cast” if use a gun :rofl:

No, in Grim Dawn all “ranged” builds are melee builds! :zantai:

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Anyway I did not mention this, but in Elite… never killed any non-caster boss this quick with any SSF builds I have done. Krieg killed himself in each phase in 2 hits. Just that was worth the small extra trouble I think.