Leveling a Sorcerer

Hi guys,

I am totally new to Grim Dawn, so I basically just picked a guide from the reasonably pwerful builds thread and picked a class combination / build that I liked which was BWC Sorcerer - Fire walk with me!

Ultimately I want to try to clear the latest end game content ( 150-170 crucible , if I understand correctly ). I am Level 48 right now and begin to struggle hard ( even on normal difficulty ). I put every point in physique , and focused on fire / burn / aether damage for my equip aswell as for some spirit. I just would like to have some guidance, especially what gear I should focus on for leveling and what spells i should take ? As it goes for spells I simply invested in the first skills I could in each tree ( which would be inner focus and flashbang for example ) and then spent point into mastery. I really appreciate any help

Can you show us your current build with https://www.grimtools.com/calc/? We will be able to make better suggestions to improve that way.

There’s an option to import .gdc character files in the top left.

If you’re on Steam, your character files will be in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata(Bunch of numbers)\219990\remote\save\main

If you’re on Local saves, I believe they will be in:
My Documents/My Games/Grim Dawn/save/main

To be honest, I just resetted all points ( at the refugee camp ) while waiting for a suggestion here :smiley: Sorry for that

Try something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1PwgB2

Skills where 2 points are invested are worth considering for more investment, you should pick which ones suits you more. Skills with one point invested should stay one pointers for time being or even unlearned.
If you find yourself to squishy invest some points into Maiven sphere and/or more points into blast shield.
Didnt know how much devo points you have so made you basic drawing for early levels, you should go straight for Ulzuins torch after that.
Use greater fire-blast skill from off-hand component as your spamable trash cleaner.
Also you should focus on fire burn gear, you will find some not so hard to find pieces recommended for some item slots until you get something better.

I have leveled many a sorc - there are numerous paths to take, but here is 1 possibility for your level (not exact on points):


Basically just drop your Blackwater Cocktail and kite as needed. Olexara’s FF doesn’t work on bosses, but it nukes everything else down very quickly. Flashbang for fumble and confuse on mobs - the fumble works on bosses as well. Put a Flintcore Bolts in your off-hand if you ahve the recipe - free spammable fireball with some nice damage. This should wreck everything, especially on normal.

If you need more defense, but some points into Mav’s sphere for the damage absorption.

thank you two a lot !
And what gear should I focus on ? Is OA or DA important at that stage ? or focus on fire / burn damage ?

Nope. Just focus on resistances, damage and regen’. Do not hesitate to go very “agressive” on the devotion path. With the right build and correct leveling gear, you can finish Elite without any problem.

This will help:
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