Leveling as a Blademaster

I’m looking to level a Blademaster build set forth by mad_lee. I would like to play the game using the build skills as they become available instead of supplanting a different “leveling build” and switching at level 94. Just a quick question…

I’ll have shadow strike going for me early. Is there another attack I can be using in conjunction, or just dance around between cooldowns? Just wondering what would be a good leveling augment, if any, without completely subverting the build.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can level as dual wield Cadence, either pierce or cold. Shadow Strike will have too long of a CD, without mods. You can try Cadence+SS or at least add Blitz+Charging Bull. But Cadence+WPS is more suited for BM class.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played. Is there some interference between the third strike in Cadence and WPS in general like Belgothian’s Shears, for instance, or was the interference more specific to a certain ability?

Basically, will I be able to take more nodes on the Dual Blades line and not have any undesired interactions?


Cadence overrides WPS skills with third strike, but still with high speed, your attacks will be pretty good. So for DW build both Nightblade attacks and Markovian from Soldier are worth it. And going for pierce build, your Dual Blades skill alone will provide monster flat and physical resistance on top.

Awesome. That clears it up. Thanks Nery!

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