Leveling new characters becomes tedious and frustrating after n characters

There’s so many different builds that I would love to try out. I’m definitely not lacking for build ideas. The problem is, however, that the prospect of leveling a character for each of these builds is a seemingly insurmountable chore. This issue is only going to be exacerbated once the expansion raises the level cap to 100.

I suggest this: In any one of the factions (maybe an expansion faction?) include a mandate (or some item) that gives a permanent 100% bonus to experience gained. This follows in the same vein as reputation mandates, that is: making the journey easier for subsequent runs once you have already completed it once.

EDIT: This quote from Ceno elaborates further on what I’m trying to say in my first paragraph:

Agreed, even respeccing doesn’t quite cut it because of insane increasing costs and the need to level devotion skills. Having to spend 20+ hours before getting to the interesting part with a character definitely feels like a chore now.

Maybe an option to start fresh lvl ~65 characters with ultimate unlocked and full bags slots + the number of devotion points you can have at that point without crucible once you beat the game? Of course with downsides like extreme penalties to loot tables and giving up on the guaranteed legendary item quest rewards and one shot chests…

Anything to ease up on the grind. This is how I level, and it’s still painfully slow:

If you want to do something like that you can use one of the character editing tools made available by some members of the community.

That’s not really the point of my argument, though. I personally do not like using third party tools to create characters. There should be a way in the vanilla game to make leveling subsequent characters easier. There are faction reputation mandates, so why could the same not exist for experience gain?

I personally like the levelling process, big part of the trick is using the skill you plan to build your character on right from the beginning. Every chars feels different and you can see the power curve raise.

I really don’t understand how can people find the leveling in Grim Dawn slow, considering I had lots of characters that reached level 85 before I even got to finish Act 3 Ultimate… all without doing bounties, or revisiting previously explored areas for exp grinding.

With that being said, I’m not going against this idea… I’m just saying on how easy the leveling in GD is, when you compare to other similar games out there.

That’s what I’m trying to preserve, but I think it should be a faster process once you have done it so many times already.

I also enjoy lvling and raising my char, but doing it quite a bit faster would definately be a nice feature.

After my 15th char I still like to play through the game, but reaching lvl 85 with a certain build idea in mind or maybe just to test stuff can be tedious.
Some ingame mechanic to speed it up would definately be a appreciated by me personally. This becomes even more true with Xpac introducing max lvl 100.

It’s also not the problem of not being easy to reach lvl 85 or enjoying the process but more of the time consumed to do so for a high number of chars. Also, 3rd party programs are no option for me.

I personally like the idea of a Mandate that would give extra XP (100% might be HUGE if it impact on the Quest Experience but a big XP Bonus on Mob could make it just a tad faster without having to resort to Offier + Gazer + Explorer)

I know Speed Runner make the go in 23 hours but helping more “standard” player reach the end of a build faster could be an interesting idea.

Or at least allow us to skip Normal it doesn’t give any “testing ground” it is just a patch that you need to cross for the Devotion Process. Make it an item that you need to either Drop from a specific boss (end game boss or end game area) or a Faction Item that you Activate and the next character created start at level 40 with Elite Unlocked for exemple.

I’m with you. I just do everything on a difficulty once and I hit 85 long before the end of ultimate. I reach ultimate at level 75-76. Though, this isn’t so much about how that works as much as it is about how they feel about the leveling experience.

I think level of mobs is determined when you load the game since you can out level mobs in a long session. So a permanent XP gain or even a temporary one via a potion might create problems that way.

So I guess skipping normal and being given bags and shrines would be a good way. Maybe with a new NPC unlocked via an achievement could be an elegant solution like have 10 level 80 chars and then you could unlock the skipping NPC.

Nope. Each single area has its own min / max level of mobs in that area and the mobs will scale to your level within that range. Some areas have a much higher max level to provide challenge areas and will keep scaling to your level.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Except that’s not how it works. Most of the interesting build-enabling items require at least level 70 and your low level playstyle with the same skillset rarely resembles the end-game playstyle. Some skills, like PB, are just too mana hungry to play them right off the bat.
I blame Elite difficulty for this however. It’s just a needless filler which doesn’t contribute to anything. And this surely will become worse with higher lvl-cap and more locations to run through when expansions comes out.

You won’t need to run through more locations, unless you really want to. Next difficulty will continue to unlock from the Loghorrean.

I think there is room for some sort of end-game consumable purchased by max level characters that’s Untradeable and grants a duration exp boost, but I don’t think I fundamentally agree with auto-leveling a character or giving it bags/devotion points.

Could also potentially extend the difficulty tokens from the Crucible to the base game for those that are willing to tackle the spike in difficulty that would entail.

I wholeheartedly agree. Think i already stated it like ten times :wink:

I am just at seven lvl 85 chars at the moment, and trying new combinations is where the fun in gd lies for me, but the playthroughs are getting stale. The thought of having to go through approximately 50% more content for each character makes me cringe already. Altough i cant wait until the xpac is finally released. :rolleyes:

Going to two difficulties and maybe have a rework of all acts for the second (just as poe did) would be great. Second playtrough could be like elite, and after beating that restqnces drop to ultimate levels, as would the mobs. I think there was a game that handled the last difficulty like that? Worked for me…

Exactly! It is mostly just let me finally get to level XYZ so I can wear my legendaries waiting in my stash.
It might be a design thing where item levels are just way too high. Like in TQ many items had lower level requirements but very high attribute requirements which can be overcome with skills, passives and specific items so you could have hope. In GD it has a set level and there is nothing you can do about it at all. And I won’t bring up the discussion about phys requirements on heavy armor again…

But you probably have to, if you want to reach max level with a minimum of farming? If you can reach farming without too much farming, and leveling doesnt slow to a crawl somewhere beyond 85

While you’re at it, make the Empowered Explorer’s set already. The best set in the game doesn’t even have an Empowered version and it’s a damn tragedy.

But yeah, Crucible-like tokens for singleplayer and an Empowered Explorer’s set would make me moist.

They did make an Empowered Explorer set, they just removed it later.