Leveling Skills for Oathkeeper after the patch

hi, after i downloaded the patch 1.1.4 i realized that mobs on normal and veteran difficulty more tanky now, so i need to ask veteran players can you advice some good leveling skills for oathkeeper on this patch please?

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Haven’t tried in this patch, but usually good skills are Aegis for AoE damage, Vire for mobility and after you invest in the mastery tree, Guardians of Empyrion .

Of course builds in GD are dual classes, so you can always use skill from the other class :slight_smile:

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tyvm for the advice <3

what was best before is of course best now too

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Rush Vire’s Might. It will crap on everything in the campaign and you zip around. Guardians will also destroy the campaign but that’s kind of boring, and it takes some levels to be able to invest in them. I’d go VIRE. Plenty of damage, very safe due to extreme mobility.

You can also use VM to just reap the aspirant CRUCI at the start if you want, to build up devotion points and gear. You can clear probably to 100 in whatever gear you find.

If you like the playstyle it’s actually gladiator crucible viable by itself as well. Probably not super speed, but relatively reliable because 0 CD mobility can be bonkers for getting out of bad situations.

what do you mean[quote=“Tsurumah, post:5, topic:87236”]
because 0 CD mobility

what do you mean? how can you get no CD on Vire’s might?

with special items, like Vanquisher set

Yea. Technically you end up with a .6/7 second CD, but the travel time counts so it’s ready after you’ve finished moving.