Levelling speed and respeccing


Please create a way for us to

A. Speed level once we have reached level 100 with 1 toon

B. Lower or have fixed rates for respeccing

I play hardcore and the reason I keep on playing the game is trying new builds.
There are endless combinations to test and I give u lots of credits for creating a game with so much character/gear variation along with the rest of the content.

BUT spending hours just to reach level 100 for the n’th time and then having to to spend additional hours farming bits in order to afford respeccing AND THEN realize that it’s time to level a new toon, same class because it takes less time than farming the huge amount of bits needed to respec again.

Occasionaly I loose toons dying (part of playing HC, I know)

And no, I don’t use cheat tools like GDStash other than for SC build testing

So please, help me save time levelling and respeccing

Lokkar set and xp pots and mandates and difficulty skips… what more do you want. D3?

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Utilize the Iron Bars to share iron bits between your characters for ease of access to money between characters, and if youre hurting for iron bits play some multiplayer crucible or SR.

The choice to play hardcore seems counter productive here. If you dont like the struggle then why play in a mode built around it?

Have u tried completely respeccing five times on one toon?

I play hardcore so no, not an option for farming bits

I see your point, walker. I find it counterintuitive that respec costs increase the more you respec.

After my first lvl 100 char I had 40 million iron in my bank, so I didn’t really care. But I dont like a mechanic that punishes almost only new players, since they are the ones that want/need to try different setups and have limited resources.

Not 5 times but again, the more important question is, if you dont like the struggle then why are you playing in hardcore to begin with?

Well the game was a bit different in vanilla with fewer classes and build options.
Also, I prefer playing HC and I didn’t know what to expect from the game.

Starting over from the beginning in SC would feel like a waste after spending so many hours playing HC

And I’m not saying I don’t like the struggle, I just want to spend a bit less time doing it so I can spend more time farming gear and testing new builds

People already mentioned Malmouth exp potions and Lokarr’s set to speed level. You can do the next:

  1. Start in Veteran
  2. Use a Savior’s merit to unlock all rifts.
  3. Collect all the Lorenotes from Conclave of the Three (and the one from the Vanguard of the three), Coven of Ugdenbog, Barrowholm and Fort Ikon.
  4. Drink an exp potion and read the notes. Bum! you now should be level 15.
  5. Continue your journey restoring all shrines and completing the main quests. You get a considerable amount of exp from those and the unlocked rifts make reaching every destination quite fast.

Additionally, you can start in Elite after using the merit, where the exp reward from completing quests is way higher and can easily give you a level or two in the beginning. It will be slightly harder but with the Lokarr’s set you should be able to stand your ground. In less that two hours you can easily be level 50.

Yeah I know the drill, 50 to 100 takes a bit longer, any good tips there?

70 to 94 is a rut for me, have all kinds of good stuff in my stash but the late 80s to 94 is a real drag . IIRC some of Elite was buffed a bit, my last char to reach 100 died more times than any of my other 15 maxed out characters, Might be the class or my lack of skill, probably both.