LF best sorcerer build - Crucible gladiator

Hi all hunters,

after few months, i am back to GD. So far i have geared Warder, Blademaster and Witchblade (Crucible farmer). And now i would like to play mage - the sorcerer (another Crucible farmer).

I have found some nice guides here, but from patches to So i am not sure, if the build is obsolete or not.

I will very appreciate if you can link me the most successful Crucible sorcerer. I am still leveling (33lvl so far), so no need to hurry. And i should have all the blue and purple items for every sorcerer build (only the green ones will be harder to farm).

Thx in advance.

I would say something like this one with focus on Blackwater Cocktail and burn damage, it’s one of the best crucible farmer at the moment :


Thx for info. The build looks promising. As i noticed it needs full Demo/Arcane masteries, so i hope it wont be nerfed by Crate, because every other sorcerer build has only 32 points in Demo mastery and as we know (and i hate it), we cant respec stat points and mastery points.

It’s already been nerfed to some extent but still strong enough so don’t worry:)