LF Feedback on 2H Nadaan's Reach Infiltrator

Over 800 hours in Grim Dawn and I’ve done nothing but leech off other people’s builds. So I came up with my own build, and I’m looking for feedback. I would like to see if I can accomplish a couple key objectives when evaluating this build (before I build it and playtest):


  • I chose Bane as the relic, but I’m also torn between it and Ignaffar’s Combustion. Is Bane the right choice?
  • Grasp of Unchained Might feels awkward, but I feel it is a good choice. Is it?
  • Attack speed. I’m aware that cast speed is important for RoS, but attack speed predates good consistent lifesteal. Any ideas?
  • OA. I deliberately avoided ABB, but I acknowledge that Lethal Assault is incredible. Any way I could push OA to that lovely 2900-3000 range?
  • This is kind of a two-in-one. I have little confidence in the head, chest and shoulder piece choices. I don’t feel good with them, and additionally because of this the dmg resistances are tight. Better pieces to use (for skill support, resistances)?
  • 26/16 Ring of Steel? Should I? If not, why?
  • Anything else?

I don’t really care about seeing this clear Glad. Crucible or SR 75. If I can get this to clear Challenger Crucible or SR 50+, that would be great. Won’t know until I test it though. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: As per Build guidelines: You put up 2-3 auras, cast Seal then smash. Word of Pain is for the RR, and Shadow strike and Amatok’s Breath are for mobility. I took Horn of Grandarr because it only costed one point and seemed like a good option for groups and priority targets/problem children.