LF Perdition Shield and maybe the empowered!

hi new in game i like the retail since the first time i see the build in youtube when i purchase grim dawn i want to try it and i meet a few day ago that exist the perdition set and im crazy to get the complete set right now and the damn shiled want to get drop t.t some1 tell thath exist a empowered perdition set that i would like to get too if some want to try specially the shield i dont have much i have lots of mats only or a lot of multiple piece of the perdition set like gloves and chest VergoSan is my steam name if some1 want to trade!

Hi ariel, welcome to the forum

It’s awesome to see that you’re so excited, but my advice would be patience.

Don’t worry about completing the perdition set. Worry about getting to lvl 94, so you can complete the mythical perdition set. :slight_smile:

Thx man ^^ i didt know that exist mythical sets lol maybe i cant get it because i dont have dlcs i can get up to 85 i waiting for 50% or something but i try to find the shield and i cant lol i did 26 runs on east marsh i lv up 41 to 48 trying to get the shield lol is stressing me i create new char to see if i get it xD im not ok if i dont get every piece uwu

Right, apologies for that. ><

I thought the m. version exists in AoM.

My advice is to go look at the trading thread then:

Trading with people from FG is okay since they’ll still have the item, and mats like scavenged plating are in hot demand in the end game

Oh i didt find the trade post sorry thx for the help!

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except that the game will say they are incompatible for multiplayer, using Powbam’s switcher can help with that though

Holy damn… i up to 50 and my first legendary item is a god shield lol better than the perdition and the set bonus atleast the normal one i shoudl up to 60 to get the empowered one i want to have the dlc soon t.t i waitng for the big discount or something,should i close the topic or…? I think i dont need the shield anymore