LF some trickster insight

Hi fellas!

I’m working on a DoT bleed trickster, currently about to end elite and I have a few questions:

1- Max devouring swarm for the -%bleeding is worth in ultimate?

2- Savagery and tenacity of the boar is necessary? because I’m not sure if build stacks is for this type character, i’m using bloodbath and decapitate right now as cooldown skills while my auto attack procs whirlwind death.

3- Going to 50 on nightblades for execution? I don’t have lots of skill points left honestly so I don’t know…

4- Same as above but stopping at 40 for maxing circle of slaughter, another DoT on the line…

5- I’m gonna be using brutallaxe and bloodsong, is berserker devotion gonna work with only 1 axe? those DoT’s are really nice.

This is what I have in mind right now: http://grimcalc.com/build/OkVU7wd

Devotions are OK I think, I do have 4 points left IIRC.

Any tip is more than welcomed.

Lv85 Bleeding Trickter who farms Nemesis bosses on Ultimate here.

  1. Yes, but no need to go beyond lv16 as it scales very badly past that. Resist reduction is vital to this build to be able to kill Undead enemies in under 10 minutes per hero.
  2. I got savagery to 18 with a mix of skillpoints and +skills, only because my other main skills were already maxed. It’s not necessary imo but it increases your killspeed while facetanking enemies slightly (works nicely against Fabius and Benn’jar who are 0 threat to you).
  3. You want 50 Nightblade, but not for execution only. Blade Spirit deals a decent bleed dot by itself and is awesome for applying Celestial powers to enemies. I have Rend bound to it and usually the whole screen is debuffed within a second of casting BS.
  4. Circle of Slaughter is vital for this build, many of the BiS items have +Circle of Slaughter, allowing you to max it easily and making it a massive chunk of your total bleed Dot. The debuff is great too.
  5. Berserker works as long as you have at least one axe equipped, so that will be fine. I recommend Butcher of Burrwitch instead of Brutallax though, the healing is insane and does a great job at keeping you alive even when diving head first into a pack of 10+ enemies in Ultimate.

You can take a look at Cryodacry’s build guide here: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?p=353405#post353405
It helped me quite a lot in making my own version fo the build.

Thank for the input, I’m not really concern about farming nemesis as I already have chars to do that, this one is just for farming the sentinel and rashalga mostly.

  • Totally forgot about blade spirit, do you think 1 point is enough or should I max it?

  • Brutallaxe + Butcher of Burrwitch instead of bloodsong? opinions?

  • Would you mind linking your skill alocation? Cryodacry’s guide uses phantasmal blades and i’m not going that route…

How about this? http://grimcalc.com/build/E7QmwxT I still don’t know how you got points to go into savagery :confused:

-I maxed it since I use it as a damage tool, if you want it as a procmachine you can stop at 1 point

-Bloodsong > Brutallax imo. Butcher of Burrwitch is essential for me, and Bloodsong seems superior to Brutallax on paper (I admit I haven’t tested Brutallax though, only had one drop and both the stats and proc it granted seemed inferior to my Bloodsong that I had been using for a while).

-This is my build without +skills, devotion included: http://grimcalc.com/build/eTxGC97
With +skills: http://grimcalc.com/build/ho3KG1L
I have +2 Nightblade and +1 All skills, as well as various bonuses to individual skills. This can probably be optimized some more but it works well for me. I do have a different devotion setup than you do, going for Oleron instead of Mogdrogen the Wolf - basically more AoE damage but less single target, I feel like single target is strong enough already (up to 250k DoT ticks, most enemies are dead before I reach that). Mad Queen is pretty safe to do since you can kite her around the pillar to avoid her lifesteal projectiles and apply all the ranged DoTs: Blade Spirit, Phantasmal Blades and Devouring Swarm. Sentinel is a joke, goes down in about 10 seconds.
Do note that in your lv85 Grim calc there are some skills that are not worth maxing due to pretty crazy diminishing returns and your gear will have +skill bonuses for them anyway.