Life Leech Build- possible?

Attack Damage Converted to Health is different from Life Leech and I have seen items and constellations for Attack Damage converted to health. So i am pretty sure a build is viable

Right now i am avoiding builds made by other people, and only browsing around Gracefuldusk to check items, it’s cause i’m working on my build, on which i’ve been working on since i started the game :undecided:

I am working on a Poison/chaos build. But while browsing gracefuldusk i didn’t notice many life leeching items (i could’ve overlooked them)

Anyways, my question is that is a life leech build even possible?

Most (all?) bosses are immune to life leech, so you’d need another source of healing vs your toughest foes. That’s what makes Wendigo totem so valuable for shaman classes- it has a flat healing effect which leech immunity doesn’t negate.

Life leech can be reduced by -all res and the Haunt relic can’t think of any other items that specifically reduce leech res. Bosses were changed in the most recent patch, I believe they can be leeched off by default. Not 100% on this as all my life steal based chars have -all res, but at the very least their resist was dropped hugely. Obsidian guys got dropped from 500 -> 100% leech res as well

No way you could use it as a primary damage source, but it will certainly help you survive