Life Leech vs Life Steal

What is the difference? I have a little bit of life leech from the vulture constellation. The life leech is showing up in Greater fire blast, reduced due to the main hand %, but I do not see it listed anywhere in the sheet. I see a “life steal” but it says i have zero.

Life Leech is a Damage-over-Time effect that removes an enemy’s life and directly gives it to you.

Life Steal is another phrase for Attack Damage Converted to Health, or ADCTH:

You can’t see the bonus life leech damage your character has, as far as I know. There are also very few sources of it.

ah, good old life leech, the damage type that has no business existing.

I’d be so happy if they removed all life leech and replaced it with some other damage type with attack damage converted to health. One less obnoxious resistance to worry about.

Considering the necromancer has life leech damage, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon though.