life steal with poison

Hey is there a way (item, devo, etc) that allows my poison dmg to have a life steal effect (conversion to health)? I’m building a witch hunter primarily poison/acid based damage and it would be great to have a way to do this to help with survivability. Thanks

Weapon damage component

Can you explain in more detail what you mean? i’m pretty new

What he means is that you need to use a skill that deals weapon damage. I.e. skills usually state that they deal 40% weapon damage or 120% weapon damage etc. If a skill doesn’t deal weapon damage, then it doesn’t count as an “attack”, and life steal requires the skill to be an “attack” for it to work.

Life steel does not affect DoT’s … Per Zantai.

I’ve always been under the impression that the initial hit (flat DoT included) is affected by life steal, but the DoT ticks aren’t. As you apply the DoT as a flat value through weapons/WPS.
Or I may be terribly wrong and confused and it isn’t calculated at all.
It would be good to know.

I can tell you definitively that only the actual hit will have any attack damage converted to health, no poison damage will ever be converted to health since it is strictly dot damage. This is the hard part about poison melee builds, there is very low on hit damage to be converted into health. My advice if you really really want to go with adcth then stack acid damage on your weapon because you will likely have a large +% to acid just by getting poison gear. Ultimately you will really l want to look for other forms of healing though via devotion and skills

The fact you get no ADCTL from dots isn’t really a issue IMO at least with NB. You’re attacking pretty dang often.

You said primarily cold/poison, but I’d invest in vulnerability (which will debuff resistance to cold, poison, and vitality) and get sigil of consumption. Done.

Thats for sure. Thats my 2-handed BM most important source of heal, much more reliable than, lets say, 90% of devotions ;] and thats a transmuted blade arc.

My experience with adcth on a melee poison BM (dual weild) was as such. I had almost 50% conversion on attack damage with haunted steel skill up and I was still only gaining approximately 200-300 health back on hits. Again, the majority of my damage was poison dot and, while I was getting upwards of 65-70k poison ticks, my sheet dps was only about 2k. The ON-HIT damage of this sort of build, even when using a shard of beronath or other default attack replacer, is just not there. You have to find other sources of healing/damage mitigation in order to survive melee in ultimate. I’m super serial

Thanks - what are your suggestions for the other sources of healing? I have giants blood, that seems to help some

Blood of Dreeg with Aspect of the Guardian is crazy strong now (occultist). Pneumatic Burst is still one of the strongest skills in the game (nightblade). Chariot of the dead, Behemoth, Tree of Life and Dryad are all powerful devotion skills that grant healing. There are also item procs that heal you a decent amount even without stacking +% vit dmg. Also health regen is very strong now and its what a lot of builders are basing a large portion of their defense on.