Lifesteal question

So I am playing a hardcore TH witchblade and really like the weapon Scythe of Tenebris and would like to continue to use it if possible.

I read somewhere that life leech and attack damage converted to health doesn’t work very well in ultimate because of monster resistances and I am confused about the mechanics.

Hypothetical stats:
10000 attack damage DPS
10% attack damage converted to Life
1000 Life Leech per second

In the above case how much life would be gained against the average normal monster, Hero Monster, Unique Boss Monster, and Nemesis Boss?

Also How much life would be gained against these monsters if I also reduced their resistances by 20?

Well, the mechanics are a bit complex, but lets go a basic statement. You don’t do 10000 DPS weapon damage, pretty much just a fact. It’s more like 5000 weapon damage, 5000 skill damage just as a fastball example.

Second of all, ADCtH only applies up to 100% of your weapon damage. Say you’re using Savagery at 16/16. You do 150% weapon damage per swing, and a bonus 600 Lightning damage (Just an example.) Lets just pretend your weapon damage rating is 2000. This means you are hitting for 3000 Weapon damage, 600 skill damage (Savagery’s Lightning damage). You only heal based on up to 100% of your weapon damage, meaning the 2000 damage. You are furthermore only healing for the small %age of it that you have as ADCtH, or lets just say 10%. This means you are healing for 200 hp on your 3600 damage attack, before resistances are in play. If an enemy is 50% resistant to your weapon damage, you are only going to heal 100 per swing. Further more, some enemies resist life-leech/ADCtH, so if they have 95% ADCtH resistance for example (Bosses often have 100% in ultimate, or really close), you are only healing 5 hp per swing. Wop-de-do, you are healing for 5 hp on what was originally a 3600 damage attack. That 10% ADCtH sure got you far.

All resist shreds (N reduced Target Resistances) for example can help with this, letting both more of your damage go through, and reduce their resistance to Lifeleech damage, but even then it won’t really let you facetank a boss just on pure ADCtH.

ADCtH is more useful as a sustain tool while dealing with trash mobs (Who often won’t have ADCtH resistance, although some do still, so be warned), or if you have rampant AoE that’s only sitting around close to 100% weapon damage for instance (Blade Arc is fairly decent about this, as is Whirling Death, Belgathian’s Shears, and some other things, not going into that long list here).

Ok so I get from this if I do 1000 weapon damage per attack then in general 10% ADCTH will not work against bosses (but be very effective against normal mobs). But if I have -20 to resistances debuff on the bosses then I will gain 20 health per attack. This is VERY low and probably not worth the effort to focus on ADCTH.

However, I am still confused about “Life Leech” – The scythe has 1000 Life leech (over 3 seconds) and if life leech works the same as ADCTH then bosses are effectively immune, but if you reduce their resistances by -20 again then the life leech will work for 200 damage/health? or in other words about 66 health regenerated per second. This seems slightly more effective.

Life Leech and ADCtH work the same way. Early game Life Leech tends to be more powerful, late game ADCtH.

Ok cool thanks for the help (I guess ill have to eventually switch out weapons to an X two handed sword/axe of the abyss lol >.<).

I am also guessing ultimate bosses have equivalent resistances to stuns, freezes, slows, etc. So I was thinking about making my second hardcore character a Spellbreaker focused around Olxeras Flash Freeze which has the Freeze component and the -50% slow component – how would this skill work against bosses?

Horribly, since most bosses are freeze immune, and OFF’s other effects are also reduced by freeze immunity.