Lightning/cold druid

As the title suggests, this is the build that I’m currently aiming at. Just started on HC, so the good thing would be if the build could become a bit tanky too.

In late game I’m mostly aiming @ full Ultos set. Skill wise I started with Shaman, I plan on using 2h with Primal strike, but I also want to make use of other various lightning connected skills like wind devils, storm totem, stormcaller pact and so on.

I do not have a plan about the secondary dmg type, but I’m leaning towards cold. Would that even be possible for a good synergy, I haven’t yet made any calculations, as far as I can remember Arcanists have some cold related stuff. I know Nightblade would probably be the best for pure cold, but ligtning is my primary dmg type and I like cold also, that’s why I plan on using it. But I need your suggestions and experience because as I said I haven’t yet done a lot of planning/research about viability of such character.

What about attribute point distribution? I want to stick to the usual most into phisique formula, but I kinda feel all 3 could be beneficial here, what do you guys think?

As devotion goes, I already see what I want to invest into and I seen some lightning/cold connected stuff right of the bat with Tsunami.

Anyone has a build similar to my ideas already?

Check my signature for such build. Secondary damage type is physical tho. If you want a cold/lightning combo, try Trozan set druid.

I have to agree with the Trozan’s set Druid idea, it’s the best and maybe only way to do a good cold/lightning build right now. I tried a cold/lightning Primal Strike Druid once. It was…not successful.

That said, a Primal Strike Trickster might work better, and I’m actually leveling one now (using Elemental Awakening and Blade Burst with Stormcaller’s Pact to try and get some decent frostburn damage). I also have a feeling things will be a lot better in the expansion, based on some of the new item teasers so far.

try this :

you can kill all nemesis with this set up, barely needs kitting
MIs arent mandatory at all to make build work

Thanks a ton! I’m a bit sad that Primal Strike is probably not the best option to fit into my idea and I understand why. Now both of those builds provided sound very interesting and fun to play. Trickster idea is not bad either.

I think I’ll probably stick to pure shaman with primal strike and wind devils for a bit longer and eventually figure out what route I want to go with. I plan on utilising mogdrogen’s set around lvl 20, which would probably be a good idea at the time, move forward and gradually respec into the final build.

Now I guess if I go with Trozan’s I’ll be more of a caster character, but if I go Primal strike physical & Ultos set, then it would probably be a good idea to also put some attribute points into cunning…

Thx again, as I said I can’t yet figure out what exactly I want to do, but those suggestions will definitely prove very useful.

Those MI’s are kind of absurd :smiley:

How does this do in crucible?

Yeah right… Sorry, but this is not quite accurate. Those 4 MIs give ~1/3 of all resists this toon has, plus ~180 OA and 1000 hp. I don’t even count the minor attributes. If you take away that MIs/rare greens, this toon will be oneshot by yellow mobs. Unless you change the devotions and components, and switch ~half of them to resist fillers. Which will cut respective amount of killspeed as well.

I seriously doubt there’s a possibility to make TSS druid that will do nemesis bosses reliably without crazy greens.

Since OP is a new player, he should probably stick with melee 2h shaman, those are easier in terms of gearing and more reliable.

P.S. to give myself a bit credibility - here’s my TSS Druid -
Lots of AOE fun, but you don’t want to meet Fabius with this…

Thanks, but what about Thunderous strike? How exactly does that skill modifier work? I’ve come to conclusion that I dont exactly like Primal strike that much.

And I don’t understand that Thunderous strike mechanic? Afaik this is basically a caster build enhancer, but how does that play a part with a melee skill like PS? I don’t understand it. How is with the duration of it, I see energy and cooldown reduction, but when does this even trigger and how long does it last? This is a very weird modifier I’m not able to decipher all by myself…

nulification, mirror, turtle, behemoth and tree of life, you could even add mark of divinity , need to add more to the list ?
you can take imbued silver and/or purified salt for res
TSS is ranged, you dont have to face big encounters, fabius wont OS this build, neither Maiden; killspeed aint crazy but you sure wont die the you say

too bad you have such judgement on it.
sure aint crucible viable, if playing solo,
but this char is more than viable for main campaign

check this thread, its HC char with less 2K DA, maybe you not playing it right if you think it can be OS by yellow trashes, cause i sure can kill all nemesis without dying …

Thunderous strike will remove the cooldown from the skill, hence you will be able to spam it. But it will not become a ranged spell you can cast. It will remain a melee attach if you have a melee weapon, or a ranged projectile attack if you use a gun/crossbow. All the mentioned effects, like energy cost decrease, are permanent for Primal Strike while you have a point in Thudnerous strike, and affect Primal Strike exclusively.

So, you’re trying to prove the build without 4 crazy greens will work by providing a link to a build with 3 crazy greens? :undecided:
There are huge Poison/Pierce/Bleeding issues on Druids. The best realistic way to cover some rare resists is 2 crafted incorruptible rings. But crafting double-rare that will give even more resist, or health, or OA, or anything useful additionally to uncorruptible is highly unlikely. So, even with 2 Incorruptible random rings you’ll likely be short of ~50-70% on Poison, Pierce and Bleeding resists. That was the reson so many casters dumped everything to Phys to wear Legplates of Valor. Still, resists and defense are hard to manage on Druids without double-rares.

I’ve took ~8k hits from Fabius on a Warder with 1300+ armor, 98% absorb, 20%+ phys res and 77%+ bleeding and pierce res. He’s also capable of giving this Warder ~4-5k average damage per second for the whole fight, if he spawns with good weapons. So yes, he can one-shot 8k health druid with no armor and DA, if you’re unlucky.

To put it clear, I’m not arguing TSS Druid is not viable. You can make it work, with some limitations and occasional deaths, or it will just take time to kill bosses if you take the safe route and do a lot of running. What I am arguing about is that a build with a bunch of double rares is significantly different from the build without them. And you can’t just say “works without them as well” like it changes nothing. It does change a lot.

The best offecnse/defense balance check is the Sentinel. If you don’t kill him fast enough he will spawn his beacons all over the area and you will eventually die, because he effectively becomes stronger with every second. If you can kill him without those greens, or with relatively obtainable ones, then yes, the build works and is viable.
That’s just my opinion, you’re free to disagree.