Lightning wader in trouble

Hi guys,

Could you please take a look to my build and give me little advice?

I think my problem is in resistances and survivability, but it´s quite hard (for me) to max the resistances. And second problem is DPS.

I like lightning dmg. So I took Savagery and lightning skills. Blitz for movement.
Devotion: Reckless tempest on Upheavel, and Elemental storm on Savagery.
Than Giant blood and Wayward soul (but i quess I never see it active, maybe later in game).

My DPS is around 5K, sometimes crit around 7K(tab II in character window-Savagery 8charges 6,7-9,7K). I dont know how to push DPS more and dont loose my resistance (anyway res are too low). Curently I am before Fort Ikon and progress is guite slow.

The game is really HARD for me now. I had really bad time to kill Karroz, Sigil of Ch’thon. Lots of deaths but than i lure him close to “trap door” and from outside i was able to kill him (but takes a LOT of time) and I dont like this playstyle.

I tried my “own” build (I didn´t look for any advice befor I was started), but now I am struggling with this build. Maybe there is lots of useless point and wrong devotions…

http: // (9 free points)

http: // (using 2H Black legion sword + lightning aug and Fang for life leech)

sorry I cant post any links because I have no posts - this is stupid

Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slight_smile:

Have a look at this guide and see if it helps.

Could try some components/augments/consumables to up your resistances, you don’t need much for Elite but many of yours are close to 0% which is not ideal.

Looks like a gearing problem to me rather than a skill issue. Your grimcalc doesn’t seem to have any glaring weaknesses or mistakes to my eyes. More likely is just that your gear is bad and needs to be buffed. More components, more augments, better suffixes and prefixes, better blues for your class are all good ways to solve this situation. Check the stores for good greens or even yellows with the right affixes. You could also try trading with other players if you have purples/blues you don’t want.

Your resists seem pretty bad. Your low aether and chaos resists in particular are very dangerous. Lots of powerful enemies have either aether or chaos attacks and you’ll find that you’ll get bursted down without better resists in those categories.

You have to assign to your skills to trigger a Celestial Powers. Check here.

If you main problem is survivability try to level Wendigo Totem. It adds a very noticeable healing.
To max resistances use faction augments and different components to fill the gaps.

If you feel lack of damage add Widow constellation, Arcane Bomb’s resist reduction stacks with Elemental Storm’s.

Actually you can do both.

p.s. starting from Elite most heroes has some resistance to life leeching effects including attack damage converted to health. So it’s not very reliable source of sustenance unless you have some sources of all resist reduction (like Manticore’s Acid Spray) or namely Life Leech Resistance reduction like on a Haunt relic.

Wrong. It’s very reliable and the most powerful source of susteinance even in Ultimate, even without any Life Leech resistance reduction (except of Blood of Chton anyone can use). However, do note that Shaman’s own attack “leech” is rng-based (Feral Hunger, Wendigo totem upgrade).

For any warder, a maxed wendigo totem is a must have for survivability.
It can easily heal 10% of your HP each second provided it does damage this second. The bloodpact upgrade is great to have easy %adcth.

Every lightning warder needs a way to reduce monster’s lightning resist.
The easiest way to do that is to get 1 point in wind devil and maxed raging tempest upgrade (that’s 35 lightning reduce resist)

Another easy source of reduced lightning resist for savagery lightning warder is the last node of viper constellation which does another 20% Lightning reduced resist.

Widow can give you another source of lightning reduced resist, it doesn’t work as well as the other two but that’s another 30% reduced resist.

Here’s what I would do with my lightning warder :

No, no

Absolutely not

Wind Devil modifier Raging Tempest is what you define as noob trap

Go for Elemental Storm, Viper and Widow constellation for RR

You’d do more damage without Wind Devil than with it

Grr I hadn’t seen that one sec RR. I recall it lasting at least 3sec.

So yes, elemental storm is way better.