Lights Guardian Set

Working on a new lightning damage toon. Where can I find Lights Guardian set, Elgoloth, Judicators Seals and Beranoth neck and belt? Logged a ton of hours into AOM, haven’t seen any of these items.


Almost every Legendary (there are exceptions such as the Alkamos rings/Soulrend that drop off the dungeon bosses) can drop anywhere. Set pieces are rarer than others so are harder to find.

Best thing you can do is keep farming, longer periods in-game should technically get less repeat Legendaries. Trading is also an option.

Like most items, purely randomly.

TX for the info. Just not sure what items drop from specific bosses and which are totally random.

Grimtools lists them, for example, Decree of Malmouth lists Dreven Cole.

Specific Drop are

Blazeheart (Quest Ultimate only)
Stormheart and Mythical version (Secret Quest)

Decree of Malmouth (Specific Boss in AoM)
Krieg Set (Specific Ennemy in AoM)
Dark One Set (Specifc Enemy in Secret Area)

5 Special Leveling Legendary (hidden quest giving out Level 1 Legendary with bonus to Experience)

Rogue Dungeon Specific Boss Weapon which are Shar’Zul - Decree of Aldritch - SoulRend + Alkamos Ring Set (I guess the Beast dungeon once it get live will also add a Weapon). Those all have Epic and Legendary Version (around 35-65-75-94 in term of level)

The Sentinel drop 2 Blueprint for Legendary Helm (he can drop the Epic version directly)

Ravager Helm from Ravager (Epic and Legendary version 3 of each depending on the form of the Ravager)
Mogdrogen also drop 2 Shoulder (one blue one Legendary)

I think I cover everything (then all Rare MI are dropped by specific Monster obviously)

Awesome! TX.

Also Mad Queen and Anasteria drop specific legendary/rare, each.