Limiting the Number of Targets Hit by a Skill

I recently decided to try my hand with making a couple of mods, and I was looking into creating a skill similar to Calidor’s Temptest but rather than striking all targets in an area, instead only up to X targets are selected randomly. The template skill_Attack_Weapon allows for an array controlling the number of targets hit but only for melee weapon attacks, and I’ve been unable to find a template that allows for the functionality I’m looking for. I thought I might try to edit the template file for skill_Attack_Radius to include a variable for the number of targets hit, but it seems that the actual code behind the template doesn’t include any support for it (I know it was unlikely that it would, but I’d hoped).

Anyway I’m passingly familiar with enough basic programming that I thought maybe I could adjust the code to offer what I’m looking for, but I don’t know how to access it, so I was wondering if there was anyone here that might be able to offer me some guidance. Alternatively if Zantai or someone happens to read this post, I wonder if it wouldn’t be too much trouble to make this adjustment in a future patch perhaps? My knowledge of code is admittedly quite limited, but this seems like something that shouldn’t be too-too difficult to do, I think.