List of Beginner/starter builds for current patch?


I just decided to try game again after a couple years away. I deleted everything and wanted to start a fresh playthrough. I remember last time I played I think I started a Deathknight because back then there was not a whole lot of sets that was target farmable and I really did not like the class but it worked well enough to farm some recipes and sets to make some new builds.

I guess I am just wandering if they have made it easier to get started now with different builds and target farmable’s ? I saw the build compendium, but so many of the builds are from some old patch notes, any new build list out that are starter friendly?

Have a look in the Beginner’s Builds compendium, plenty of builds there to choose from.

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Like how old are these builds? If it’s only within a few patches of current it really should not be an issue. If you aren’t sure simply ask in the thread if the build is still good to go.

So, basically, a build does not need to be pegged for the current patch to still be doable in most cases - as long as it isn’t extremely old.


That’s right but also beginners guides are less susceptible to patch notes changes. Since most of the guides are focused around leveling, items used are rarely nerfed. Budget versions usually contain few faction bought items and common gear like Fettan Mask, which are never touched by patches.

Perhaps major update of the older guides is the devotion tree and maybe components used, since they tend to be altered more frequently.

As for example for OP about guides, my Conjurer was made in but doesn’t require any updates to function.


These lists are not complete though, you may like some other skill + damage type + class that hasn’t got a guide yet is still totally viable.

What @Nery said.

I play ‘beginner’ builds all the time to level up new characters. For most content it doesn’t really matter how old most of the builds are (ofc there are exceptions), most of them will do Ultimate. An example is the nerf to some Vitality caster builds - they’re still powerful, just not as hilariously OP as they used to be.

The only point you need to worry about nerfs is when you start getting into the end-game proper and super-bosses etc. By that point you’ll probably be doing your due diligence on builds and figuring it out.


Thanks guys, appreciate it. I just wasn’t sure. I remember a few years ago my first character was just a painful slog at the end trying to gear and I didn’t enjoy the build, but I just stuck with it. I really want to try to find a more fun build I would enjoy and that is viable, I’ll check out the beginners build you all recommended.

Thanks again.

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Most fun levelling I’ve had for a while was:

  • Skater Shieldbreaker (I used Rekt’s bomberman build).

  • A pretty vanilla Spellbinder, which was basically a vile eruption spammer until level 60 or so then retro’d into AAR then at level 85ish went into a fleshwarped strikes melee build.

Both were powerful, not tough to gear and in no way a slog. The end boss of AoM drops the melee weapon for the 'binder quite frequently

I think you meant Ravenous Earth :slight_smile: VE is DEE’s last node.

^ @tqFan my bad I should pay attention. Now I’m gonna play my ForceArc spammer :face_with_monocle:

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Perhaps OP should revive their Death Knight and play ForceArc?
@Paragon [] No-set Physical Forcewave Death Knight -> CR 4:50/ 170ex naked 6:55/ SR 105/ Ravager 2:20 + Mogdrogen 2:35 + Crate boss/ 75-76 farmer

If you plan on staying legit, i would suggest the fastest farmer - [] The ATV - Aetherfire Templar Vanquisher
This is one of the greatest builds I ever tried.