List of Bugs & Improvements (AirTable)

Dear Crate Entertainment,

I’ve compiled an AirTable file/sheet where you will find 2x Tabs (one is “Bugs”, the other “Improvements” - the latter which consists of some feedback and ideas).

I will keep on reporting things under it in a relatively organized manner, for the sake of not being too scattered around (as much as I have time to play) :slight_smile:

Here is the link again below (I’ve created an invite link as a Commenter, should you want me to give you Edit rights which would enable you to filter the view by the columns and statuses, kindly send me a specific email address and I can do that too :slight_smile:):

I think having something like this, but on a community level, would be rather beneficial - if one can afford to organize and maintain it :slight_smile: (just an idea), and you could implement status to it perhaps as well for transparency, and it might serve all of us better than a Forum :hugs:
*If possible great, if not - not an issue. :smiley:

We appreciate anyone’s efforts to help us improve the game but if you plan on participating, please report issues and feedback on our forum. Thanks!

Noted Zantai, will do (I’ll break them down into individual posts).

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