List of monster resists?

Is there a list somewhere of what each monster’s resists are, and do they change with the difficulty?

Actually just found out grim calc has them, anyone know if that’s up to date? also if they don’t list a resist for a monster is it 0?

Also still wondering if they change in ultimate / elite

… and after poking around it doesn’t even list skeleton’s as having bleed resists… please let me know if anyone has a better source

“some Undead are impossible to hurt with bleed as they got really high bleed duration reduction like 500% dont matter what resists they have since the bleed DOT is cured instantly.”

Source. Not the most reliable source, but it’s not the first time that I’ve heard it.

it was the case but it has been changed so you can always effectively reduce monster’s resist. now the max is 100% for all res i believe.