Lists of areas/encounters where cc is nearly useless?

CC have their places in GD. and they work really well against most crowds.

however, when you suddenly encounter elites/bosses/nemeses that makes your cc feels like wasted points:furious:, players certainly want to remember those enemies/areas they occupy, so that players can quickly switch into duel mode with ease when encountering them:cool:.

that’s why i think players need this list.

also, does enemy resistance to cc effects can be reduced? :confused:
for example: an enemy has 100% stun resist, but maybe there are gears out there that can reduce their stun resistance.

thanks for sharing infos.:slight_smile:

CC basically doesn’t work against anything with a red or purple name, and lots of heroes are nearly effectively immune to it too. The only thing stun/slow/etc. are even vaguely useful against are mobs that you should be murdering in a frame or less. This makes any sort of CC is grim dawn a trap option, but one the devs are adamant about leaving the way it is.

Thanks for the tip.

So cc is basically shelved when we’re entering boss area.
but still, elites/heroes can spawn in almost every mob. i think cc could still be useful in those encounters, at least to incapacitate the mob so we could focus on the elites/heroes. at least if we have little aoe damage.

but what about fumble/impaired aim cc? iirc from what i’ve gathered, they are pretty effective against elites/heroes/some bosses…

There’s gear to reduce cc res. Afaik it’s not worth it. Fumble is a good-to-have layer of defense. From your questions I deduce you’re playing a demolitionist and are curious about Flashbang. If so, then yeah, Flashbang is great, but only for da shred and fumble. The CC on it is irrelevant.

yes, flashbang is a must skill on a demo builds imo. its so cheap, but the da shred is powerful. not to mention its a good devotion proccer.
if da shred can be considered cc ability (it makes enemies more vulnerable to higher damage and crits), then its probably the only cc that we can count on in max tier battles. its considered debuff though. but to me, its both a debuff and a cc. cmiiw.

Is it correct to say that fumble and impaired aim are useless against any AoE ability?

As for the OP question, CC is not completely useless because some bosses have summons and it helps in Crucible. But it is not worth much investment: best as one-pointers.