Loading Times

I’m having very slow loading times with the following specs:

i5 6300HQ
16GB 3000Mhz RAM
NVMe SSD at 1500MB/s
Nvidia 1050Ti

I’ve tried reinstalling, updating drivers and I’ve not seen any improvements. Loading times back to main menu can take over 2 minutes at times. Loading new maps can take between 4-7 minutes.

Is this not a known issue and being addressed? I bring this up because I only see one post regarding RAM usage increase and reroll load times, with not many replies.

My pc image
gtx 960 4gb 24ram, y i agree loading time take a lot, but never had more then 1-1.5 min…i more care about this huge lag after loaded save game/start new for 10+sec when cpu on 100%

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