Local Saves?

Just curious, what was the idea behind having local save files for this game?

I kind of liked the idea of Diablo 2 Multiplayer where all multiplayer characters had to be on the BNET service, which reduced the amount of cheating/hacking of characters.

its a singleplayer game. there are no dedicated servers. so local saves are fine. if people want to hack/edit their characters and stuff they’re not ruining your game. if you’re worried about that then play with friends only.

TBH I saw a buttload of hacking on BNET … so… Not so sure on this argument. :undecided:

Maybe after a certain point, I dunno I haven’t played in a while but while I played the original SC:BW online, I know for a fact there were MANY hackers. It was commonplace. D2 was the same.

Probably at least in part that implementing closed servers costs money (about as much as creating the game itself) and most people really do not care one way or another.
Personally, I prefer local saves, it gives me the freedom to hack if I want to and the security that I can play whenever I want to, internet connection or not, also publishers take down servers after a while.

Also, closed servers get in the way of allowing mods.

true. forgot about duping and e-bay :smiley:

Probably because that’s what Titan Quest did and Grim Dawn uses a customized version of Titan Quest’s engine.