Localization File Version Repository (Cross-Reference Previous Versions)

I’ve created a public github repository for version control of the localization files.
Come and give a glance.

Full list of all versions:


Hope it can help you guys. Personally i think it’s a must for translators.

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Bump for b20 update

You might find this interesting:
these txt files have a timestamp of 17/11/2013, so really old builds. Maybe even build 8? I didn’t really check.

What?:confused: I don’t get it.

Because you were collecting txt files, I just give you the ones that belong to a year ago, in case you might be interested in them want to upload them to github etc. it may be just interesting to check out whats changed in a year, and so on…

The B20 localization files are located in this thread: www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16738

So you can take them and upload them to your repository.

Are you serious? You really understand what im doing?:undecided:

Apparently not. You could just let him know that you are only interested in the English Localization files and the reason as to why.

The thread title is not all that informative and a bit misleading. Yes it is in the Translation thread, but if you come to the forums and just click the New Post link, then it’s not immediately obvious what thread, because you are more interested in the thread title than the forum.

Perhaps if you changed your thread title to something a little more meaningful, that might help.

The files I posted are english.

You know, you’d expect a thread collecting localization files would be interested in old files not for translation but maybe to see whats changed, just for fun and interest.

I’m going to start a thread about localization files with bitches and hookers and im going to share B9 to B11 so we can go full nostalgia. (<- joke, in case not obvious.)

I’m aware of what you are doing, yeah a link where we can compare whats changed. I expected that people who look to those files might be interested in very old versions, not because they’d be useful but because they’d be interesting, what items are added to game since then, what skill descriptions changed…

Seriously neither the section nor the thread implies what I posted is… Wrong. I posted some text files of game, in similiar fashion to current ones, and in the same fashion that it is useful to check differences between B18 and B19, there were builds before that, y’know.

But yea I understand. ^___^

I’m going to keep the link up for a while in case someone wants to dig something.

^ I should’ve just wrote “I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA”

Yeah, it looks like the files Stormcaller posted were older localization files from before B18.

I guess now the thread title needs to be updated to reflect that B20 is now there. Or a better, more generic thread title like:

GD Localization Files Archive?

Anyway, big thanks :smiley: It seems that i don’t have the right to change it. :rolleyes:

Huge work! Thanks a lot!

Updated to b21.

Courage for your new task!

Uploaded beta23 files.

Merci ! / 谢谢 !

De rien. :wink:

Now our local languages should work properly.

Click here to check new changes : https://github.com/solael/GrimDawn/commit/70169ddd14a14e19b30c3c46a1af744ac1524aff

B24 files uploaded.

Upload b25 files