Loghorrean on Ultimate

I am at a loss on how to do this fellow. Perhaps its my gear. I practically breezed through the content prior but when I get here I get owned.

I am 80 and my build including bonuses form gear is something like this


Weapon is a empowered bonesnap gavel and the shield is a the untouchable. Everything else is of the epic variety except the chest which is Devils cage Hauberk. I also have the “final stop” shield but I was having a problem with using its ability, I would have it on my bar and it would get stuck on repeat making it impossible to move properly. My resistances are all over 60% even with the Ultimate debuff and I had a stack of ointments for Vit and Chaos damage plus using Clusters for the absorption.

I can beat on the adds for 20mins without any problem be as soon as I get up close and personally with the boss he owns me in 10 sec. Its too bad the the tentacles (which are his), don’t bring down his health.

Flashbang didn’t seem to have much effect (plus I had FB on my belt), so I tried moving the points to Mortar. Then I would play with the adds and place the mortar in front of the boss every 10sec. Nope, he laughed at its damage. I tried going from Menhir’s to Oleron’s to see if I could put out more damage for when I am upclose a pop some Ancients elixirs. Couldn’t survive long enough to make any significant headway.

I ran out of consumables as he hit about 50% and had to accept defeat for now. Back to farming better gear.

What is your poison resist? Do you try to facetank his vomit?
Is your damage type retaliation or physical?

For physical, try to max Deadly Momentum, Overguard, Military Conditioning and Shield Training, something like this: http://grimcalc.com/build/1007-CIdP1O

get 80+ to chaos resist and laugh in his face as he can’t really dmg you unless he smacks you in the face with his faceslapping animation.

That and at least 600-700 hp regen which is easily attainable with jelly potions if you’re not there already, if you are then you can just boost it to a ridiculous level.

If you want help killing the mofo just hit me up on steam


P.S. I love lvling and beating content with others …too fun.

P.P.S I personally like Ulzuin’s Wrath over FB in demo tree… has a 10meter radius and adds just goof themselves while you deal with the main threat…even ranged adds.

Always and i mean always max Field Command and Scars of Battle and if you are using Cadence, Deadly Momentum. Also put Military Condition at level 10 and Menhrir’s Will at level 8 or so.

I will give all those suggestions a shot after I farm the ingredients for new pots. I will also get you some accurate data on my stats.

Now I may understand retaliation incorrectly. All the gear I have seen is +%, however, if you have nothing that is for example like what we seen in the Messenger tree “300 piercing retaliation” the the +% of 0 is still 0. The only ability I see that I can get for retaliation is vindictive flame. Am I wrong? If so explain please.

As for damage type I have trying for as much retaliation as I could find with my active damage being Physical and trauma.

Resistances. My reading showed that his damage is mostly Chaos and Vit. Both of which I propped up to 80% before going in. I also faced tanked him with a Aether Cluster (75% damage absorption). What type of damage does it do that can drop me from 8000hp to dead in one or two hits. I wish there was a read out of what hit you and for how much that can be viewed.

like DeanSherman hinted at, his vomit is his most dangerous attack in my experience. with my Warder i was facetnking everything, the fight was easy and then… dead :furious: that was in Elite

now i am more careful and whan his mouth gets that green glow annonciating he will vomit on you i run. it’d be fine so far (i’ve yet to beat him in Ultimate though)

When Loghorrean swings his tentacles at you it does phys damage and a very high amount so if you’re not rocking some very good armor / phys resist then those 2 to 4 hits can drop you quick. All other damage is mostly chaos including his pool he puts on the ground.

Also there’s a ton of gear in the game that has flat retaliation damage on them which is then increased by all the percentages.

Puke run. Got it.

Lukka, I could not find any. I did a search for “retaliation damage” in


and its all %, no flat at all. What am I missing? Perhaps I just don’t understand where the base amount comes from. could it be a stat and naturally increases with Physique or Cunning?

I sit corrected. I was not looking at the gear list correctly. You have to search for such things as “piercing retaliation”,“chaos retaliation”…etc

I have 2 for the Legion War seal rings
Markovian’s Strateagem
thornhide leggings

Retaliation totals Physical 480 +585%, Pierce 12773 +585%, Vit 1158 =585%, poison 288 +585%

Stats without pots
Physique 1179
Cunning 442
Spirit 366
Heath 8654
Energy 1650 (after reserved)

Offence 1723
Defence 2223
DPS 8913
Armor rating 2003

Resist (while logged into Ultimate)
Fire 80
Cold 60
Lightning 60
poison 60
Pierce 93
Bleed 80
Vit 70
Aether 60
Stun 80
Choas 55

Heath regen 183
Chance to block 65
Damage blocked 2156
block recovery 31
Damage reflect 48

Current point spread at lvl 80 with all gear additives included


Add me on steam,


I can help ya farm up some better gear in crucible, your hp as a retal tank is extremely low, just need better gear slots / rolls. I’m on almost every day.

You got owned by the Loghorrean? Man, I couldn’t even get past Bloodlord Thalonis just before him. When I fought Log in Elite, he must have killed me at least five or six times before I finally managed to put him under, and I still use some of the gear I had in Elite in late Ultimate.

I don’t remember having a problem in Elite. Now I am wondering about retaliation damage.

If a have an item that has 100 piece retaliation and I have another item that is % of attach converted to health is the retaliation damage considered an attack?

If so you can create a build where you do nothing but stand there and say “hit me”

adcth does not work with retaliation

oh well. I was wondering because I was watching the video from


It looks like he is just standing there for the most part. Or is this a “modded” toon?

That’s the result of stacked healing from Wendigo Totem, Tree of Life devotion, and Giant’s Blood devotion, all of which use % of health for healing so the heals are huge at 24k max health. Additionally, it’s a tank build with full defensive DA/armor/shield bonuses to mitigate incoming damage. There’s no ADCTH being used since there are no actual attacks, only retaliation.