logic failure ?!

1. legendary blueprints for head armor (only)

the whole “blueprint-issue” for legendary head armor is imho one logic failure. Game- and story-related. We all know the intention behind it , but there is no real game improvement-experience related to it. Or is it? And story related? They crate-team put so much effort in the story line…
but really… did some unknow bad dwarf or Leprechaun steal all the real legendary head armor an has replaced it with blueprints during the decades oder centuries? It seems he/she/it likes a good legendary head-armor collection… and has a lot of it…

Imho blueprints for legendary head armor was/is a bad idea, game and story related.

  1. Pistols contra rifles[/b]

In general pistols should shoot MUCH faster with lesser range and less power. Rifles should shoot slower (except for a gatling-gun, which isnt really one
rifle) with much much more range and A LOT more power.
During the game and its patches one-hand pistol-speed was downgraded and two-hand rifledamage was upgraded very much. Does this make sense? It only does, if you think… “hmmm, very few people choose 2 hand rifles…, oh, lets increase their damage, speed and add some fancy bonusses to it, the should do the trick”. and it worked… but does it make real sense?
What about a higher range for rifles ? I mean, a real improvment in range. And for the mobs as well. It would be a real and different gaming experience if cronleys hitman team shoots at you with high-power rifles from a long distance.
Does the titan-quest engine could do this?

kind regards


Im not so sure. The gun toting enemies already do a fair job of hiding off to the side and wreaking having. In a few places if you don’t make them a priority you will get picked off pretty quickly. I think the bigger problem with the rifles is they seem to be something of item bloat and redundant with the crossbows. Takes up a slot that can almost surely be better used for additional augments. They also just don’t have the visceral action and excitement that two hand melee or dual pistols have. Even pistol and offhand seems a forced idea, by component requirements, but its not really the ideal setup for the kinds of skills that are attached to the some of the ammo components.

Some of the 2h ranged have really good unique skills, and they would make a good second weapon slot item if not for a mess of problems that come with weapon switching. If you use any auras or do not have identical skill setups(because cooldowns freeze) it is too much headache to use a secondary weapon (why are the auras attached to weapons? I still cringe at this design choice. At the very least make the component auras ON by default. No one is turning it off, ever, for any reason, unless they run out of mana. Toggle the aura…absurd.)

But no, i don’t want to deal with more rangey ranged enemies. Killing them quickly is often required.

If I remember correctly, it was done intentionally to keep people from holding weapons in reserve purposely for the extra stats they’d gain from auras. Things like holding a pair of common swords in reserve with a Purified Salt/Imbued Silver for a chunk of free resists.

I am not sure if it is what you mean, but I don’t mean to say the aura should be on when the weapon is not active. Just let the aura turn on automatically when you switch to the weapon with the aura, and turn off when you switch from it. Having them on the weapon is sensible from a conceptual perspective, just not from a practical one because you have to constantly micromanage the on state. In the heat of a fight it usually results in a fumble to get the aura on.

The cumbersome aura management along with the cool down clock stopping makes the secondary weapon feature very much a why bother. A shame because fixing these would open up the game to some dynamic hybrid builds/play styles.

Right, that makes more sense. I don’t use weapon swapping but i can see it being used more with this change.

IRC they turned auras from components intro self-buff due to death-bug these auras caused. I still don’t get why Crete didn’t implemented aura-like stuff intro base component so we can just use them whithout casting imbued buffs.

Am I the only one who finds mandatory legendary blueprints for head armor
(only) a very stupid idea?



I kind of get why they are active. They have an active mana cost, and if you run out of mana you lose the buff. There is a sensible mechanic requiring a balancing act there, particularly if your character is mana intensive. Having it on by default wouldn’t change this, it simply would not come back on until you had sufficient mana to reserve and cast.

Not sure what you mean by “IRC they turned auras from components intro self-buff due to death-bug these auras caused.”

I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t feel strongly about it either way. Some people hate dealing with the crafting system but for me playing 3-5 characters, relatively slowly at that, materials are just never an issue, mostly. Get it from a drop, get it from a blueprint makes no difference.

It is hard, i am trying spend less time wondering why they did a lot of things they did. Sometimes some things seem like rushed decisions, which is crazy since they developed the thing for 5+ years. Maybe it was to balance the loot drops, but then, a more sensible approach might have been to make a variety of things only obtainable by crafting. Either way, this one doesn’t affect me much.

As far as I still miss a couple of them after an embarassing amount of play time, yes I do. Much easier to find legendaries the normal way, now I have two sets I will never complete at this rate.

I prefer hats being craftable. No way in hell I could normally drop enough clairvoyant hats for all my characters that use it.
In fact I’d prefer all legendaries, bar the super unique ones, be craftable. After 900 hours of playing, out of all Ultos set I only had 3 axes and the head recipe dropped. Really riveting character building.