Lokarr's random commentary

I haven’t heard such irrelevancies since Ulzuin’s betrayal.

Can this be linked to stuff that’s actually happening (like a big critical dealt or suffered, or losing the bonus, or killing a boss, etc) rather than just being spouted completely at random? If not, I’d like to be able to tell him to keep his mouth shut.

It’s directly linked to my whims, pathetic mortal.

Asking me to keep my mouth shut? How amusing. Make me.

Don’t make me kill you again, chump. I don’t need any more of your trinkets. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kill me? What a delusion. Sent back perhaps, but dead?..
The only thing that would had truly killed me is the shame of fighting a mere mortal without a handicap.

Y’all must enjoy the commute. :wink:

So your answer to getting your metal face crushed like a cheap tin can is to keep fighting with one hand allegedly tied behind your back? I’m starting to see why non sequiturs are all you’re capable of. Logic isn’t your strong suit, is it?

Crate, I require a buff. :furious:


[sips a tonic of clarity with studied nonchalance as her bluff is called, and reassigns everything to circuitbreakers]

He compliments you randomly when you kill bosses.

The insults are random, cause he’s never impressed.

So he’s Canadian?

How dare you, mortal?! :mad:

British school teacher

“So you made a century against Tonbridge, did you, my boy? Well, always remember that you will soon be dead, and in any case, the bowling was probably rotten.”

“You can’t have any untouched meal, if you don’t finish your food ration.”

To follow that quote thought…

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I approve the direction this thread has taken :+1: