Lokkar quest not starting

Hello there , sorry if it s wrong section but i dunno if it’s a bug or if i’m a moron , let me explain :

I started a long time ago Lokkar quest on my second char , heart had been crafted etc , i just had to open the flame portal .
My main thought was stronger so i decided to start the quest with him too ( as i did with him all the Dalia quest before ) . And the things his … impossible to start the quest , i did Nane stash quest but Arcturus wont spawn , i saw last years that the quest was bugged for a second char so i thought i would keep this for a later grind .

And now here we are , the quest is fixed but i cant have arcturus to spawn , same for the Stormriever . Do i have to stick to my second char to achieve it ? Is it bugged or is there something in front of me that i didnt see …

Thanks in advance

Just to be sure: You´re in Ultimate, yes?