Lookin' for a DW funny build

Hi guys,

First post here, cause i’m seeking for help.

I want to find a fun build to play, with dual wielding (as a Blademaster i think?) with lots of autoattacks fasts and deadly. Do you have any kind of idea ? I checked the compendium but don’t really find a build that fits my needs.
Does a DW Cadence build is viable ? Or the blademaster WPS i saw in the compendium ? Cause the OP stopped the build at the lvl 50 and i don’t really know if it can do ultimate.

Thx for the advises (and sorry for my english not my mother tongue :wink: )

There are a few other blademaster builds you can try for inspiration:

this oneby uberjager

this one by GeneralCash is also very solid

or this one by jajaja again very good with just a couple of twists in damage types devotions and weapons

I recently posted the above in another thread. Can’t go wrong with any of those or whatever you want to throw in the mix.

On cadence for dual weild:

Dual weild Blademasters and Spellbreakers mostly use “Shard of Beronath”, a rare material that you put in your weapon and gives you an auto attack skill. It has 7 charges, each charge ingreasing your attack damage more.

They use this auto attack instead of cadence because of the way cadence works. Cadence gives a damage boost on every third attack, but that third attack overwrites your dual weild passives like Blegothian shears, amarasta quick cut etc. cutting down their frequency at 2/3.


Thx a lot dude. Here comes a lot of reading :wink: