Lookin for Nightbringer Builds

Just came back to GD after a long time and dropped a nightbringer on my first Morgo run.

can you recommend any builds using it? Cheers

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Here is one of mine, using it. Hope u like it cuz I think it’s pretty kickass…

I wouldn’t recommend it for hardcore tho. :laughing:

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Grimtools has a quick way of finding builds with certain items. For example:

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You could also experiment with something like a Sentinel caster build of Grimtools: Oblivion spam + SoC.

This takes advantage of the %WD in a different fashion. OA affixes would be helpful and there are 3 greens to find that and components/augments can be juggled depending on affix finds. 2 versions of the Grava pants could work (Celestial or Vuln). The extra skill points for Ascension/Clarity (not allocated).

I think there is a Cabalist Oblivion build in the build library, as well.

Edit: Probably a better devotion path = change ghoul for acid spray., as imho you don’t really need as much phys res as above, if you use the movement skills a bit more. Also, Legs of the Tranquil mind might work well for maxing slow resist, too…if you can find affixes to cover the resist shortcomings.

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Should be doable to get more AS here, I broke resist and didn’t fix them because I’m too lazy but some sample tweaks (devo + gloves + component) bump it from 138% to a more respectable 167% (without Diamond proc): Archon, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Alkamos Cabalist Oblivion has full Blood Knight Bone Harvest support and RE.
Not very supported Sigil + Oblivion makes me wonder at first whether it will have enough damage
but you have great conversions, flat, casting speed, some cooldown so it should be good.

I personally would try Guardians + RE + Reaping Arc Oppressor: Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
I always try to have at least 3 good sources of damage in my builds (or maybe Acid Purge instead of Reaping Arc)

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I liked the Alkamos version from lookin at it., but i heard the Bone harvest variants got nerfed hard, you recon its still a viable build? (Can push SR75)

Thanks for the input

Sure, it’s totally viable.