Looking everywhere for a new RPG game

You could try Sacred. It is still my all time favourite ARPG.

It can be a little buggy, (save often!) but the fan patches may have fixed many of them. It has been a while since I last played it.

There is also Sacred 2…which I still havent got to after all these years…sometime I’ll get to it…sometime…

Path of Exile and Grim Dawn are my go to ARPGs. Damn I love them. :3

Have you tried Pillars of Eternity? The first one is very good. The second one I can’t really comment because I have not got far enough into it. Tyranny is also good, the spell creation is awesome.

Presumably you played Dragon Age games? Origins + Inquisition (Latter is best with difficulty mod I find).

Legend of Heroes series are nice turn based RPG to try out.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen also quite fun.

Van Helsing Final Cut is OK only if you use the popular balance mod imo (skill mechanics bugs really aggravate me). Victor Vran is quite fun too.

Divine Divinity is by far the best old school hack n slash game if you dont count the diablo series. Imo its better than divinity OS, I dont really enjoy turn based that much after discovering hack n slash.

Nox is another little known game that was actually pretty good back in the day, not forgetting sacred 2 of course another classic (please dont even look up sacred 3). Theres also Van helsing, imo Victor Vran is a better game, but you said old school right? So dungeon siege 2 might fit the bill i enjoyed it more than pillers of eternity tbh.

Or there is another game ive followed for years but never really got into to much, called Exanima.

Im sure there is a few more old ones ived played and just cant think of there names. Any way hopefully there is a game here ive mentioned to get you some good gaming hours in, there pretty much all solid games, more or less.

In old school ARPG there is Sacred 1 which is isometric and a bigger open world compared to lots of isometric ARPG games. Has a unique feel/humor/art. Sacred 2 is another big open world ARPG but not isometric has rotating camera 3 dimensions.

Torchlight 1 and 2