Looking everywhere for a new RPG game

Hi everyone here on this forum.
I am interested in finding RPG games that is really nostalgic.

I have looked some time after games that resemple Diablo 2 and 3.
I have in my search for a new RPG game found Titan quest and this Grim Dawn, which looks like RPG games that I would like to play.

I have played and finished both Diablo games (and yes more than once in same campaign)I have also looked at Torchlight and Path Of Exile.

I have tried other semi like RPG games like “Baldurs Gate” which did not make my blood boil … sadly and I have heard about a “semi” low key game called “Dreadmire” (Vr game) that is not released yet)) which I hope can help me BUUT - I wanna play more RPG games NOW!!

So here comes my question - now that you guys have heard about my lifestory.

Can you recommend any nostalgic RPG games for a RPG gamer that is looking for the Thrill like old times?

Hope you guys can help me.
Thank you.

would like to play, as in ‘have not yet played’ ?

I’d recommend giving either one a try, both are among my favorite ARPGs. GD has a darker setting while TQ is more ancient Greece / Egypt setting. GD also has some quality improvements, so unless you want the TQ setting, I’d recommend GD.

I have tried other semi like RPG games like “Baldurs Gate

semi RPG, really ? That is about as RPG as you can get, it however is not an ARPG, sounds like you are looking for an ARPG.

Can you recommend any nostalgic RPG games for a RPG gamer that is looking for the Thrill like old times?

are you looking for a thrill like old times or for an old game, because Baldur’s Gate definitely is the latter.

I’d say give GD a try, since it sounds like you have not done so yet

I’ll back up what mamba said to the letter.

nostalgic D2 like rpg? I suggest not playing Grim Dawn at all. This game will surely consume your life:rolleyes:

I agree with Mamba…you don´t search a RPG, you search an ARPG, which is completely different. No wonder, Baldur´s Gate didn´t suit you.

Try Grim Dawn, it´s really fine. :wink:

3D but definitely retro is Legend of Grimrock modlled after Eye of the Beholder

Some people swear by Din’s Curse.

If you don’t need eye-candy then that might be a good place to start.

And yes, I recommend both Titan Quest and Grim Dawn as well.

My soldak’s favourite is drox operative

I always thought it was modeled after Dungeon Master (and yes, so is EoB, which came 4 years later) :wink:

You’re old :stuck_out_tongue: but correct. I never played Dungeon master 'cus I ain’t that old yet! Just thought it was too close to EoB and that was my first game on my first self bought (and built) PC.

Okay when you are right… you are right.
I guess I am looking more for an old ARPG - now that I have looked deeper into the differences.

And yes you are right once again, I have not had the plesure of playing either Titan questor Grim Dawn yet.

  • On another note here comes a honest and embarrassing moment behind my BG experience.

I played Baldurs Gate back in the day with … ehh my mom when I was young and did not really live into the game cause she died constanly xD … yeb … Anyway.

Din’s Curse looks nice :slight_smile: thank you and Eye of the Beholder looks really retro :smiley:

Thank you very much everyone for your recommendations :slight_smile:

PrinceXavieR: I want to be consumed into my own little world XD
So you suggest I should try Grim Dawn before Titan quest IF I want to be consumed?

If you have the time, starting with Titan Quest can be a good one, especially if you like Greek mythology and stuff. However as far as most game mechanics is concerned, it is an inferior game when compared to GD. I would recommend jumping straight to GD to see what we are talking about, and eventually regret for letting the game ruin your life!! :rolleyes:

Hell yeah that was a good one. Expansion ruined it tho, those “ancients” was just boringly aggressive.
I’d say for the simplified ARPG Fate by Wild Tangent was good enough to play a bit. Feels like grandda of Torchlight :smiley:

Partial agreement, partial disagreement. I think giving Titan Quest (either the Gold Edition Titan Quest/Immortal Throne version or the digital Titan Quest Anniversary Edition) would be worth doing since it’ll get you into how the two masteries make a class system works which both games use, ingame storage, Enchanter, Mystic and pets if you’d like some help - without throwing in all the extra stuff that GD has. If you’re not used to how all that works learning that plus the Devotion system can be a bit overwhelming straight off. Even if you just run a couple of different classes through Normal difficulty it’ll give you the basics.

Had a blast playing Titans quest for around 3 months waiting for the AoM expansion .
When I get bored with AoM I’m going right back , since then titans quest was given an expansion :slight_smile:

very valid point. I agree. I am just too biased for Grim Yawn :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I have had high expectations on Ragnarok that’s why it left me disappointed. I rushed to complete it and see the story, and hurried back to GD, probably never touching that again! Sorry but I did not like the feel of it. Titan Quest Original until Immortal Throne was a stellar experience though.

Hah, I think it’s cool you played a game like that with your mom. When I was a kid, all I could get my mom to play was Pokemon Yellow on my Gameboy Color. She didn’t get very far either. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as nostalgic ARPGs go, many others have recommended good ones but I’d like to add one too.

I’ve been enjoying my time in one called Revenant. It’s a bit slower paced then something like Grim Dawn but it’s not bad, in my opinion. I can’t seem to find it on Steam but it is on gog.com

Darklands comes highly recommended. I personally enjoyed the first two Fallout games greatly (and New Vegas, but that’s probably not what you’re after). Arcanum is pretty darn good, though not without flaws. Wizardry 6, 7, and 8 are all solid. Might and Magic 3 is fun.

Also, you could give either of the Neverwinter Nights games a look. Both can be played top down isometric – I personally always played over the shoulder. Those two are in my top five (although this game has real potential to snap at their heels). Both are pretty cheap to obtain too. The only downside I can think of is that they are pretty deep in terms of mechanics and build diversity, so if you want fast fun then probably not ideal.

GiverofPain: Pokemon yellow ahhhh great child memories … :stuck_out_tongue:
Took me some time to find “Revenant” but did find it eventually and looks decent :slight_smile: I think I would use that as a relax kinda game :wink:

Tycho: Arcanum looks fun. Some of the mechanics reminds me of “Age of empire” loved that game :smiley: + “Might and Magic” Classic :smiley: LOVE IT!! Played both 3 and 4 but “Might and Magic” lost a little at number 4. :rolleyes:

Jackdaw: Neverwinter Nights does not really suit my taste, by from what I could find BUUT looks like a game that a friend of mine would enjoy :slight_smile: so thank you. :wink:

Based on what I could find and what you guys have told/recommended for me, then I going to buy Titan Quest first and get swollowed into the game and then buy Grim Dawn when I need some diversity from Titan Quest. :smiley: YAAY!!! Time to become nostalgic!