Looking for a 2H Deathknight vitality build

I was going to make a “real” deathknight based on 2H colddamage but according to those who knows,
that build isn’t really viable since there aren’t many modifiers for cold on Soldier.
And since i picked up a rather cool 2H legendary with lots of vitality, i thought… why not make a vitality 2H instead .

But after the forums changed and locating a good build is like looking for a strain of hay in a haystack,
maybe asking around would yield better results.

Anyknow know any 2H vitality DK builds that are Crusible gladiator safe ?.

Ain’t gonna be easy. Vitality is a highly resisted damage type, but you only have RR from Necro. Also 2h, and especially 2h melee, is not known for durability those days.
I’d say go for BH caster with Blood Knight’s set, There’s quite a lot of BH support here and there. Something based on auto-attack is not gonna work that good.

This concept prompted me to give a think to a TC 2H vit DK. I came up with this:
Wildblood Bloodknight Cadence-BH DK.

^DonnieDarko pretty much summed it up in his overview:

  • max vit RR is around 123, if everything were to work perfectly. It will be likely slower than you are hoping

  • Pierce resist is a bit of a struggle with this set (which is unusual for soldier). Some of the other resists are tricky to overcap.

  • The best 2H for this is a Shaman weapon with no soldier bonuses

  • Pretty much stuck with Cadence for AA, with BH every so often. Beronath is probably not worth losing Haunted. Forcewave would require energy tweaks to devotions/gear.

  • Leech is ok and should be viable on high LLR bosses - more so when Rattosh is active.

I’d suggest it is doable, just not top-tier.

I actually did the very build you are asking for back in Ashes of Malmouth. It’s not the strongest Vitality build or strongest Death Knight (far from it) but it used to be decent mid-tier build.

Here it is, gotta adjust it for FG of course.