Looking for a build - Crucible mode only

Im looking for kinda of a fun build, something with more than 1 active skill, and as far as what i know about crucible is that you want to have one of your classes being soldier. As far as the other class im not sure what i want to go for, im not really picky but i thought that shaman or occulist would be a good combo with soldier. But i dont know anything about what skills to use or devotions.

Whats your go-to farm character for crucible?

(ill use my character strictly to crucible as i already have another one for the main campaign, its easier for me to have one each only)

I appreciate any help i can get(:

Just wandering - is it possible to use faction augments with a crucible-only characters? I suppose no and then I wondering how you gonna deal with it.

as always, build compendium has lots of great builds, crucible viable included, check in there, or just look at all builds arounds, sure youll get ideasif you wanna make your “own”; in worst case youll find detailled post explaining everything in details.

Superbluff and Drizzto builds are “safe” choice.

on 1st page of this section you have great builds for crucible, so i ok you dont know the game etc its your first post
but please do some search guys, creating so many threads for asking things that are under your eyes; dont wanna sound rude but come on, couples of mins searching and you have exactly, if not, more; what you are looking for

Well, you’re almost right, Soldier is just too powerful in GD overall, and for Crucible specifically.

So far, i think that 1-h+shield physical Cadence Witchblade (or Commando) is the best build for Crucible. However, you can also succeed with physical Forcewave (it has great AoE).

I have to disagree here, Soldier is definitely not too strong. There has to be at least one tanky class among all the squishy masteries. Furthermore, even choosing Soldier as one of your character’s classes will not guarantee your character’s survival, Crucible and main campaign alike.

That said, I’m tired of all the cadence builds, as cadence has two major downsides: First, the skill has no aoe whatsoever, the maximum target number is three, and that’s only with a maxed out modifier. And second, unlike other default weapon attack modifiers, cadence is a proc skill that overrides every third strike and thus conflicts with weapon pool skills.

Besides, melee Witchblades and Commandos aren’t what they used to be after the nerfs. Especially S&B Witchblade has fallen into disfavour due to nerfs both to Markovian’s set and to the Overguard skill.

Right now, spell caster/melee hybrids with a shield are the way to go in the Crucible on Gladiator difficulty if you want to farm it reliably. Other builds may work depending upon their specific setup and, more importantly, boss combinations on the highest waves, but they may as well get their butts kicked all over the place due to some crazy combinations of modifiers and nemeses.

If Cadence is used for 1-h+shield build (for which it’s most effective), you can use Blitz for extra AoE. And Siegebreaker’s active skill, when you put your hands on that shield. Together, they provide enough AoE for decent gameplay. Still not as good AoE as Forcewave with 2-h, but GD doesnt have mob density of PoE levels, either.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about. My S&B Witchblade shits on Crucible in Gladiator difficulty regardless the mods or spawns, doesnt die (if i dont make serious mistakes), doesnt run out of tributes and does it quite fast. In Challenger he can do it without tribute buffs even, and feels near-invincible.