Looking for a build where you don't have to target mobs

Something similar to Druid, where you drop totems or AoE’s.

I’ve played Druid and Summoner so far, i liked them both, but druid felt much stronger. (Perhaps i did summoner wrong)

My issue with the totem druid was that it was pretty squishy and my damage started to really suck at 50+. I think it’s due to me not getting any good upgrades. I tried crafting some and i always checked vendors. But at 53 I’m still wearing mostly 20-30 gear.

I like the fire and forget play style, where you can keep moving as you deal damage.


You could check out this topic - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26367
it is outdated a bit but still good for levelling and choosing the right gear. At lvl50 you can buy nice gear from Kymon’s and Outcast factions. Also stop by the Rover’s camp they have nice things as well.

You actually answered my previous question! I was looking for this build. I was following this guide before i quit and forgot to save it. I just came back to check out what was new.

Sadly though, I killed a mob where i should have saved it for faction and gear. I probably didn’t screw up too much, but I’m pretty sure I’m missing out on a lot of upgrades. I can’t remember which faction it was, but it was something at 50+.

It is the Outcast faction and they actuall do give nice things. But you can spare the withch’s life on next difficulty (Elite or Ultimate) and still gain the reputation with the Outcast faction.

I didn’t know that, thank you!