looking for a challenging class


im looking for a challenging class to play , not just something that steamroll the game by smashing the right click, but also viable for ultimate difficulty .
(no pet class tho , i dont like it)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try out the Vitalety damage conjourer or poison build witchhunter/blade

Lots of buttons to press. Ultimate viable. A little bit of kiting. And in the case of poison blade witchhunter an tendency to die really fast if you dont know what your doing.

witchblade, I think its hard as well because its very gear based and melee, with debuffs.

sounds just like what i like to play thanks guys :slight_smile:

will try this out asap

tested out the vitality conjurer , pretty fun to play to play this far (only lvl 30 tho)

Cool :d.,.

Tell me how you liek it after reaching lvl 50 or so it gets more and more micromanagy to play after that :stuck_out_tongue:

Melee pyromancer has been interesting to play for me :slight_smile: If you want a challenge, skimp out on resistances on ultimate :slight_smile:

any class combo that ignores resists :smiley: have fun

Pure Nightblade.

Have fun.