Looking for a fairly passive build in

Hi guys,

I’ve leveled the Lazy Pokemon Master build and the retaliation/reflect warder builds and enjoyed both.

Am looking for something similar to get back into GD in

Just to clarify what i mean by ‘fairly passive’:

  1. I do not want to use more than 1 damage skill (2 at most, if one is single target for bosses)
  2. I am not counting toggle-able skills here. More the merrier for those.
  3. I am not looking for a build to solo end game crucible. Just looking for a build to do end game farming in ultimate.
  4. Would prefer if the minimum gear requirements weren’t too high but can farm up a certain amount of gear if needed on my other two chars.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


It does not exist

Maybe a sword-shield Commando with Firestrike? Just pile on Soldier passives/toggles, Flame Touched, Field Command, etc. and you should have a pretty good blend of AoE, damage and toughness (though you really should consider adding at least Blitz or Flashbang or something).

TBH you might find the answer to the 2-skills max problem might be to buy a gaming mouse with lots of buttons. I’ve got four mapped to mine very easily.

Thanks guys!

Yea it isn’t so much the mouse thing. I have a gaming mouse with 9 buttons. Its just laziness on my part and i prefer playing a no-brainer easy build while watching netflix in the background lol.

Seems like storm totems have gotten a pretty nice buff so going to try to build around just that skill and see how it goes.


Storm totem build is very tiring. For trash mobs, 2 spell cast is enough but for bosses you keep click 3 spells buttons for every 5 seconds while kiting. I have storm totem druid which has full light’s set. It is not that passive.

I can offer transmuted poison dee caster witchblade. 1 is 15 second rotation bod, 1 is dreeg with cooldown and 1 is cof( very easy spell) and sometimes 4th spell from item (for bosses). If you are not lazy, 5 with blitz.

Ah I see. Thanks, saves me time!

Do you have a grimcalc/tools build you can share?

If you have gear with procs you can play using no skills at all by using Night Chill. And for better single target damage you would add Shadow Strike. You can play this way through the entire game as long as you have decent procs on gear.

Here’s one version using this set-up at endgame

This is amazing! Thanks. Looks just like something i’d play :smiley:

Physical Forcewave Commando is fairly simple since it involves only spamming Forcewave and throwing a Flashbang every now and then.