Looking for a fast beginner build

I just returned to this game after few years and im looking for a build that will be quick and also beginner friendly. I would prefer something like lightning chain or something like meteor storm. I usually don’t like pet builds but if one of them would be fast and wouldn’t need much investment im up for that. I have all dlc’s

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just have a look in the Builds for Beginners section here

I was looking at that post for a long time, but i had one problem and it’s the lack of knowledge about skill names and all the builds that sounded nice were explaining only end game stuff

EDIT: Im a dummy i didn’t see the begginer section lol, sorry about that

Nightblade / Oathkeeper / Soldier would be fast because they have movement skills right from the get-go
(Shadow Strike / Vire’s Might / Blitz).

Okay, let’s narrow it down. What do you wanna play, decide this first. Melee(2H or DW)? Caster? Pets? S&B? Hit&Run? Retaliation?