Looking for a fun occultist build

My trickster and blademaster have farmed 5 set of dreeg. Never played occultist or caster but I’m ready to try it out with all the insane occultist drops I have(seems like I would have a legendary for every slot, lol, with zero drops for the characters I actually play(only 1 ultos piece ever)) Looking for something with a non melee playstyle that will definitely be viable in ultimate. thanks

Go for a Sigil of Consumption / Chaos bolt build. Chaos bolt just got buffed in this new patch and it has a bigger AoE with only 8 seconds cooldown.

If you’re new to the game I suggest picking Shaman/Occultist and level up Devouring Swarm skill as it reduces monster vitality resistance. If you pair Devouring Swarm with Sigil of Comsuption you can reach late game pretty easily.

DEE occultist. Either Warlock (Arcanist) or Witchblade(Soldier).

I prefered to use my Witchblade as a 1h+shield tanky guy so my DEE spammer became the warlock: OFF, DEE, Blood of Dreeg+Guardian, Curse of Frailty + Vulnerability, Possession are all nice stuff.

I guess you can go WitchHunter too!

Thanks for the replies. I have been farming on my blademaster and just had a blood orb of cthon and a ring of the black matriarch drop since I posted. At least I will be able to gear this character out. and I’m thinking maybe warlock, it combines the 2 masteries I haven’t really tried.