Looking For A Pyromancer Build

If anyone could point me in the direction of a Pyromancer build, that’d be great. I prefer the more wizardy/caster style of play, but if there’s a cool melee build that’s fine too. Thanks!

What if it is a pet build? :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s still full of firey goodness then absolutely! lol

Then behold: Fire Birb - Pet Pyromancer

Also, I have been thinking of updating it with this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G7xw62

But might wait to see if Cyclone offhand gets nerfed in the upcoming patch or not.

EDIT: yeah, cyclone got nerfed. Oh well, no changes to the original build then :yum:


Melee - not a chance, pyro is rather frail for that. Closest to melee pyromancer would be an Obsidian Juggernaut build, but if you don’t have that item there’s not much to discuss I guess.
DW Ranged - the go to pyromancer build in endgame, supported by Darkblaze set. Pretty easy to level too.
Caster - possible in at least two variations - Ulzuin and BWC+Fire SoC - but Ulzuin based build is probably better as purifier while the latter just ain’t that good and doesn’t even make much sense without gear.
Pet - meh, meme stuff. There was a cool build in vanilla but it fallen off the grace since AoM raised the bar with skill modifiers, so far noone remade it.

I just gave a pet pyro above :stuck_out_tongue:

And it is not meme stuff, unless you want a fire pet build. For that we need some heavy buffs to the hellhound.

Dashiv’s pyro cannot be made viable in the current patch even for campaign due to how hard everything has become.

I saw it. I have the same problem with it as with Ulzuin pyromancer - possible, but considering that’s just a birb setup with Demo as a support, surely there’s a better class for that?

That applies to everything that is not a Conjurer or a Cabalist. You could argue the same for even Ritualists even though both masteries are pet oriented.

This is probably off-topic as f**k but is the definition of “meme stuff” something that can be made better with another mastery selection?

No, not really, it’s a much more broad term w/o clear definition. Generally any wacky non-mainstream build could be called that.

I found a chaos ranged pyromancer build a few days ago by Safarel. The YT video is in Russian.


It is a bit mana hungry.

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Harbinger eh. Well, Deceiver is probably the superior option for this kind of a build. Surprised he went for green shoulders instead of Shadowflame or Rahzin though.

With the recent patch tweak to Korvaak’s and Primal…

I thought I’d note a potential pyro pet idea that is all fire: Swarmling Pyro (+Hellhound). crazy swarmling + Hellhound pyro

the swarmlings have 100% fire damage conversion and in theory this should extend to their retaliation:

  • strong fire attack 350-ish fire at 1000%ish damage.

  • strong retaliation (2000 at 1000%).

  • throw mines or some other skill to proc the swarmlings.

you could hybrid it but it only has ~1200% character fire and needs some sustain tweak. I’ve not tested it. Maybe something for later when you get bored :stuck_out_tongue: (It’s not something to start with…)

Seriously, though…Stupid dragon has listed most of the smoother progressions.

That’s basically the build me and Maya had been talking about.

Well, Maya says it ain’t going to work well though, and I don’t play pets to claim otherwise.

Wasn’t too hard considering Pyromancer is just one of the least diverse classes in that regard. Really, I mentioned a lot of stuff, but if I’m serious I’d claim that Pyromancer only has one good build, which is Darkblaze.

This is a build I have been having a lot of fun with lately. I don’t know or care about Crucible or SR performance. Greens are shamelessly GDStashed because finding a good one is bs anyway. All crafted items are with Duncan’s energy regeneration bonus.

Pyromancer build

I leveled my first with a canister pyro and Fire Strike (mostly Brimstone/explosive). It wasn’t too bad.

The fleshwarped incinerator MI was pretty easy to find in the conflaguration at low level (drops at lvl 20+). It used to be more-flametouch focus, but now it is more canister focus, which could work ok.

One big advantage is the faction rifle Desolator which is a guaranteed recipe find. And that will work for a bit until better stuff is found. But if you are all about shooting…then Inquisitor is more flexible.

Pretty close to what I theorycrafted, but mine was no-green. In theory it’s a very solid build - stacking BWC pools & facetanking via SoC sustain. I didn’t get around to trying it, but cast speed & energy sustain clearly posed a problem on paper.

Not just shooting, most of fire demo-based builds are just better with Inquisitor or Oathkeeper. You want a fire pyro that makes sense as a pyro you need to either convert it’s flat chaos/acid to fire somehow or you need to convert some of it’s spells to fire, or it’s a pet build.

Energy regeneration is definitely a problem on paper, but stacking Duncan’s energy regeneration bonus on all the crafted items makes it livable in practice. I’ve played it extensively throughout the campaign without trouble.

EDIT: I forgot that the caster offhand suffix “of the Oracle” also reduces skill energy cost, so that might be important. I originally wanted to use the Hellscourge legendary, but its SoC skill mod doesn’t stack with Blackwater Cocktail, making it pointless.

Yeah, that’s why my theorycrafted setup used Tome of Atonement instead.
Using Hellscourge also means not converting chaos from Demon Fire.

When I tried going with Sawmlings + Doggo in, the problem I had was mainly aggro + lack of dps.

Even with a maxed Hellhound, I had to use fleshwarped archive and turn it into a bomb to kill anything in a reasonable time.

Swarmlings do damage, but they died too fast. Though Primal Instinct was buffed in the hotfix, I don’t think it will be enough to carry the build. Also you need to keep them going at a steady pace. If they all die at once, then it takes time to get them all back up again which translates to less dps than what would seem on paper.

Speaking of aggro, there is also the problem that you only really have 1 body on the field to take the heat for you; Hound. That + all the aggro from CoF, mines etc = you are going to run a lot. Which translates into lost dps, which means you are in even more risk of dying due to enemies living for longer.

And if you run into multiple Healers in SR, you can simply call it a good day and exit to menu.

I was using one pure pet setup with Mindweaver and another hybrid with Dracarris btw. Mindweaver, unsurprisingly did better.

I haven’t tried focusing on Retaliation however. I am curious to see how it works, if you have tested the setup :slight_smile: